Don’t Face a DWI Charge Alone

DWI charges are a very serious matter with serious consequences. If it’s your first conviction, it can be a scary issue to face by yourself. Do you or someone you know need a Sugar Land DWI attorney who will fight for their rights? David Hunter is here to help you get your life back to where it was before your charges.

Why Choose David Hunter For a Sugar Land DWI Lawyer?

David Hunter was a former judge and prosecutor before deciding he wanted to work as a criminal defense lawyer. He is familiar with the laws an penalties that come with a DWI charge. With his knowledge, he knows how to keep your case several steps ahead. His aggressive yet conservative courtroom style makes him the ideal Sugar Land DWI lawyer. David Hunter makes sure that you understand the laws and your rights while providing support throughout your case process.

First Time Convictions

First time convictions will result with a fine up to $2,000. This does not include the continuous annual fees that go from $1,000 to $2,000 just to retain your drivers license up to three years. Your license will be taken a way from you. It can be up to a year with a loss of your license. A first time conviction can also lead to 3 to 180 days in jail.

Multiple Convictions

If this isn’t your first conviction, then you are already familiar with what happens. After the second conviction, those annual fees and charges begin to steepen. Your penalties become much heavier, and really start to take a toll on you. Even employment and finances become difficult to deal with. Don’t settle for these hardships.

False Charges

If you are innocent, David Hunter can help prove that you are not at fault. In some cases, DWI charges and arrests are false due to an inaccuracy of a BAC test or Subjectivity of a field sobriety test. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can help prove that you are not at fault. David Hunter will make sure to examine your case and confront your charges to prove your innocence. Nothing is more important that getting your life back.

Legitimate Law Breaking

If you legitimately broke the law with a DWI charge, David Hunter will not turn away from you. He will fight hard to negotiate a lighter sentence that is appropriate for you and your history. Your life does not have to change completely. You do not have to face these charges alone and get the worst of the worst. You still deserve a Sugar Land DWI lawyer who will fight to keep your life from turning to the worst.

Take the First Step to Fight For Your Freedom

Don’t settle for just any Sugar Land DWI lawyer. Find someone who you know that will fight for you and your rights. Don’t leave your fate, freedom, finance, and employability up to chance when it comes to a DWI Charge in Sugar Land County. Call Attorney David Hunter today at 281-265-1515 or schedule online for a free consultation, 24/7.

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