Losing your driver license can be a disaster in several ways. For example, imagine if you lost yours, and were entertaining clients when the maître d asked to see your driver’s license before he took your check or card. How much further are you going to get when you blush and blurt out ‘I don’t have one’. Fortunately this situation is often avoidable. If you are facing DWI charges, then I’m the DWI lawyer that will save your license.

The first thing you need to do is calm down and take a deep breath. Most Americans enjoy a drink. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately the alcohol residual sometimes lingers on for longer than we thought, and that’s just the day we get pulled off in a traffic check. Well, the good news is the police use their top cops for more important tasks, so the chances are some amateur fluffed the paperwork.

Prosecutors doing DWI cases are not always at the top of their game. As far as they are concerned these charges are easy to make stick. Unfortunately for them I go in guns blazing and catch them at their tricks. I, David Hunter have a reputation in Fort Bend as the DWI lawyer that will save your license. More often than not the prosecution team just goes through the motions, because they know they have already lost.

If you have a partner who was just arrested and are casting around for help, then I recommend you call me at (281) 265-1515 any time of night or day. Your spouse has a constitutional right to consult me and confront the charges, and the sooner they do so the more credible this becomes.

In many cases I have been able to convince the Court that improper procedures, dubious breathalyzer equipment or other errors were sufficient to cause reasonable doubt. In other cases, I am usually able to use my client’s otherwise solid reputation as a defense to soften the impact of the arresting officer’s subjective opinion, and the unreasonableness of a zealous prosecutor.

Should you as parent find yourself in a similar situation with your underage kid, then you likely know your child is in trouble especially if this is a second offence. I believe we should do everything we can together about this. I’m the DWI lawyer that could save their license and help hold their reputation high. You can call me at (281) 265-1515 any time.