Did you know that drunk driving costs Americans more than $199 billion a year? Well, that is quite a lot of money! Especially for the ones who actually had to pay towards this amount. The cost of getting a DWI on your record has a lasting effect that goes beyond simply money. This will stay on your permanent record for up to 7 years. When you apply for a new job, this will show up in your background check.

It will cause you lots of time as well going to meet your lawyer, if you are smart enough to get one, and going to court. You could potentially get your license suspended and have to find different forms of transportation to get to work. Your vehicle will also temporarily be impounded. This could also put a strain on your family as well, especially financially because fines range in the few thousands of dollars. You can also hinder your working relationships as well. Sometimes when you get a DUI, you may have to spend a night in jail, which can cause you to miss work for a few days. This may cause you to lose your job or be on bad terms with your employer.

If this is not your first offense, you could have to install a ignition lock that will not start your car if it detects you have been drinking in the breathalyzer, which is a huge hassle for you. There is also potential jail time as well! Let’s not forget to mention the huge increase in insurance premiums. We are not talking about a couple of bucks. Your rates can go see an increase ranging in the hundreds, which will take years to go down.

This is why it is important to find a quality DWI lawyer to help you if you were to find yourself in a situation like this. But, you want to find a criminal defense lawyer that actually specializes in this. At David Hunter Law, we specialize in criminal defense and DWI cases. David Hunter has years of experience in the legal system and understands how to protect your rights every step of the way in your case.

He will work with you personally to make sure every rock is not left unturned to explore every option to get you the results you need. This means you may save money in the long-run, have charges dropped for good or have them lowered, and save you time. You will have peace of mind knowing you have someone experienced on your side that is here to help you win! David is also a family man and gets that mistakes happen. If you were caught driving under the influence, just remember that there is hope. There is someone here to make sure that you are represented in court and that you will not be bullied by prosecutors. David will examine evidence to make sure it is up to par and look for holes in the prosecutions case. He understands the legal system inside and out, which he will use to assist you.

David Hunter has years of experience, education, and skill in defending the rights of individuals who are accused of drunk-driving, juvenile crimes, drug offenses, and other misdemeanors and felonies. He is committed to pursuing justice and puts special care and attention to each case he takes on. If you are looking for an excellent DWI lawyer, call David Hunter Law Firm at (281) 265-1515. You can also complete the short contact form for a free consultation.