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Not everyone who gets arrested is a criminal. It is sad that society automatically stigmatizes those charged with crimes as bad people. Few take the time to consider the infinite number of possibilities why a good, hard-working Texan might be in jail. Perhaps it’s mistake. The police thought the accused was someone else. Or, maybe the crime was something that even the kindest, gentlest person out there could commit.

This latter category includes drinking while driving and drug possession. In many cases, the defendant did not premeditate before committing these criminal infractions. Instead, it is the average person swept up into the moment, who now faces serious charges and the possibility of jail time.

It is these types of Texans who need to contact a Fort Bend DWI lawyer who knows how to handle the situation. Allowing society to brand a person who simply made a mistake as a criminal is itself a crime. A lawyer can help prevent this smearing of the defendant’s character.

Here are some ways a Fort Bend DWI lawyer can help:

Request a Criminal Diversion Program

America has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with over 2 million people serving time. Texas has one of the largest prison populations in the country. Many prisoners are in jail for nonviolent crimes, such as a DUI or drug possession. In recent years, there have been increased calls for authorities to release these people, if possible. Some jurisdictions have complied. In other cases, a DWI attorney can speak with the judge and request a diversion program in lieu of incarceration.

It can be tough getting needed help to get kick a drug or alcohol problem when in jail. Those convicted of nonviolent crimes might do better in a treatment program, where caring counselors can deal with the causes of the condition.

In contrast, imprisonment is a punitive measure that might cause those with underlying mental issues that lead to drinking and abusing drugs, to actually get worse. A DWI lawyer has the data to back these claims in court to help persuade the judge to consider diversion over incarceration.

Arrange Bail

Anyone who has been arrested knows the difficulty in beating a criminal charge. The prosecution puts on it best case to make judge and jury see the defendant as a bad person. That is their job.

When the accused sits in a jail cell, awaiting trial, the ability to defend against the charges becomes even more problematic. Most inmates, especially those there for the first time, are more concerned with daily survival than trying to prepare for a court appearance. They can only see their attorney at designated times, which the authorities might be able to reduce on a whim.

Getting released on bail is actually the first step in staging a successful criminal defense. Yet, many Texans have little understanding of the process. Fortunately, they can rely on their Fort Bend DWI lawyer to explain what needs to be done to secure release. In fact, the lawyer will usually try to get the judge to reduce the amount of required bail, if possible.

Get an Expungement

Those already convicted of a nonviolent crime, such as DWI or drug possession, may have problems finding employment or renting an apartment. The standard background check often unfairly has these convicts listed among notorious felons.

One solution is to request a criminal record expungement. If granted, the judge will seal or erase the conviction. Things will stay this way in most cases, especially if the person remains clean from then on.

The procedure should not be taken lightly. Mistakes can wind up in a denial. Thus, it is wise to get help from a criminal defense lawyer when completing an expungement request.

Get Help When Charged With a Non-Violent Criminal Offense

As shown here, a FBC DWI lawyer, such as David Hunter, in Sugar Land and surrounding areas, can help improve the situation of non-violent offenders. An arrest is bad, but it should not be the end of the world.

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