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If you’re charged with a criminal offense, you need a leading DWI attorney in Katy, Texas to help you out. At David Hunter Law Firm, we fight for your rights and help you win your case with the least damage.

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David Hunter is a leading criminal defense  attorney and former judge who has the expertise to plan a strategy that can free you from all charges.

A DWI or any other offense can be stressful for you and your family. You might worry about losing your job, going to jail, getting your driver’s license suspended and many other consequences. But when David Hunter is by your side, you can be confident that your case is in safe hands. He will fight for your freedom with a smart and successful plan.

David Hunter’s expertise as a judge helps him understand the intricacies of the legal system. This translates into a winning strategy for you, no matter how severe or unusual charges you might be facing. He can develop a defense for even the most powerful argument or strategy put forth by your prosecution. His ability to secure witness testimony, analyze case details and navigate through the legal process makes him an asset to your case. If you’ve been charged with a DWI or other criminal offence by the Katy Police, don’t hesitate to contact us to determine your best course of action. 

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Areas of Specialization

David Hunter’s career spans over 20 successful years wherein he has won majority of his cases. His rare legal background helps him look at your case from different perspectives. After reviewing your file and watching the video footage, he can work out various ways in which the jury and prosecution will argue your charges. Above all, he knows how to showcase your case in the best light for the jury and help you win. When you have a successful and reputed attorney working your case, you can finally relax and look forward to a normal life ahead.

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David Hunter is an expert in DWI and DUI cases. He has also won many criminal defense cases for serious allegations in Katy, TX. His other areas of expertise include drug possession or charges, misdemeanors, domestic violence and juvenile charges. In case of a suspended license, you can contact him to help you reinstate your driving privileges. For those who have a criminal record, you can also petition an expunction with his help. Lastly, he also supports the process of bail bonds and helps you get out of jail until your trial date. His practice specializes in:

Increase Your Chances of a Positive Outcome

Criminal cases can have heavy consequences, so it’s important to be prepared for battle in court. During the trial, you can expect the prosecutor to do his best for the worst possible outcome.

For this reason, it’s in your best interest to only choose the most reliable and experienced attorney in Katy, Texas for your case. David Hunter enters the battle armed with a winning strategy and a few back-up plans up his sleeve.

No matter what the prosecutor throws at you, he will have the perfect defense to protect you in your case. He will make your case a top priority and focus on getting your life back on track as early as possible.

Client Testimonials

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 73 customer reviews

Amazing lawyer that actually cares about your case and will try to get you the ABSOLUTE best outcome! He knows his stuff, and is passionate about his work!
andrea_lisa_barfield_domestic violence lawyer
Adrienne Dover
Fort Bend County
Wesley Ballard Wesley Ballard Awsome lawyer he will definitely handle your case no matter what it is. Definitely glad he was on my side
wesley ballard - domestic violence lawyer
Wesley Ballard
Katy, Tx
David Hunter has all the qualities that make a great defense lawyer / he is a fighter, which is not something that is taught..
dui customer
Mike Stuart
Fort Bend County
David is a rock star when it comes to attorneys. He was easy to work with and executed my case perfectly. Highly recommend!
domestic violence defense attorney
Jeremy Freeman
Sugar Land, Tx
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