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If you happen to face the challenging situation of being accused of a felony or misdemeanor crime in Katy, TX, having a reliable attorney by your side is crucial. I am David Hunter, a criminal defense attorney dedicated to assisting the community in Katy. Drawing on my past experience as a judge and a prosecutor in Fort Bend County, I possess a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the legal system, working diligently to secure the optimal results for my clients. Count on my expertise and knowledge to guarantee you receive top-notch representation.

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With over 30 years of experience in the Texas legal system, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable criminal defense attorney on your side. Once you contact me, I’ll walk you through the entire legal process and assist you every step of the way. Getting charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Texas can be a stressful experience, but with my help, we can make the entire situation more manageable.

Some of the services we offer to residents in Katy, TX

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Amazing lawyer that actually cares about your case and will try to get you the ABSOLUTE best outcome! He knows his stuff, and is passionate about his work!
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Adrienne Dover
Fort Bend, Tx
Wesley Ballard Wesley Ballard Awsome lawyer he will definitely handle your case no matter what it is. Definitely glad he was on my side
wesley ballard - domestic violence lawyer
Wesley Ballard
Fort Bend, Tx
David Hunter has all the qualities that make a great defense lawyer / he is a fighter, which is not something that is taught..
dui customer
Mike Stuart
Katy, Tx
David is a rock star when it comes to attorneys. He was easy to work with and executed my case perfectly. Highly recommend!
domestic violence defense attorney
Jeremy Freeman
Sugar Land, Tx

Services That I Offer in Katy, Texas

Below are just some of the services I offer to residents in Katy, TX.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Katy, Texas

As a criminal defense attorney, my role is to thoroughly examine the details of your case, scrutinize the accusations against you, advocate on your behalf, and, when applicable, engage in negotiations for the most favorable plea agreement. Managing a criminal defense case involves numerous complexities, and navigating it alone can be challenging. If you or someone you are acquainted with is facing criminal charges in Katy, reach out to me for a consultation. I’ll discuss how my expertise can be instrumental in your defense.

DWI Lawyer in Katy

As a DWI attorney in Katy my main objectives are to secure a complete dismissal of your case or negotiate an improved outcome on your behalf. Examining the intricacies of your arrest, I strive to identify circumstances that may lead to case dismissal. In situations where dismissal isn’t possible, I am dedicated to negotiating the most favorable plea deal for your benefit.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Katy

Facing allegations of domestic violence is a grave matter. To mount the strongest defense, you require someone capable of delving into the case facts and advocating on your behalf. It’s important to note that domestic violence differs from assault, and fortunately, for those in Katy, Texas, I possess the expertise to adeptly handle both types of cases in Fort Bend County.

Drug Possession Attorney in Katy

In Katy, Texas, drug possession charges frequently stem from traffic stops or domestic violence incidents. Regardless of the circumstances leading to these charges, it’s crucial to have an attorney well-versed in handling drug possession cases. I can thoroughly assess the case details, examining aspects such as whether the officers had probable cause for a vehicle search or if the evidence was handled correctly. My aim is to diligently work towards dismissing your charges, and if that proves challenging, I will strive to minimize the severity of the charges against you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Bend County

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about hiring a criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend County, TX:

The most important thing to look for is experience with your type of case. Just like you wouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to help you after a car accident, you should only hire a criminal defense attorney that has experience working on cases that have similar charges to your own.

After being arrested and booked in jail, a judge decides whether or not to set bail. If the judge sets a bail amount, paying this amount allows to person to await their trial date at home rather than in jail. Contact me immediately after being arrested, and I can assist you throughout this process.

After your arrest, you appear in court for an arraignment, during which time your charges are read. You then enter a plea of either Guilty or Not Guilty. If you plead Not Guilty, bail conditions are then set along with a trial date. From here, your lawyer works to build your case and prepare you for the trial.

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