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Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney

Fort Bend Criminal Lawyers Serving Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy & Surrounding Areas

The David Hunter Law Firm can fight for your rights. Get a free consultation about your criminal defense case by contacting our Fort Bend criminal lawyers today!

Being charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime could change the course of your life — having the right Fort Bend criminal lawyer working with you can make all the difference.

As a former Texas judge in Fort Bend County, David Hunter knows both sides of the courtroom and has the experience to effectively defend you and fight for your rights and freedom. Our Fort Bend criminal lawyers can help you get the best possible outcome from the charges that you’re facing.

As a criminal defense attorney near Sugar Land, David Hunter is dedicated to defending your rights with the knowledge and legal experience that he has acquired over 30 years. We will walk you through the legal system and lay out the options available so you can make an informed decision about your future. You may be scared or stressed, but the solid defense that we can provide is your best chance at getting your life back.

As a judge and as an attorney, David Hunter has seen a lot of effective methods of criminal defense but has also witnessed the weak ones as well. It is extremely important to know how to defend the freedom and rights of individuals who have been charged with a crime. Whether you are accused of a drug offense or domestic violence, you deserve to have your rights defended by an attorney who understands the law, both behind the bench and in front of it. Understanding how prosecution works is a very significant part of the process of defense. Our team of Fort Bend criminal lawyers can be aggressive and provide our clients with a strong and unbreakable defense. Our goal is to provide the best possible defense and treat all cases as equals.

Top Legal Defense from Fort Bend Criminal Lawyers

We always go above and beyond to ensure your case is handled properly and you get the justice and defense you deserve. If you need a qualified Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney who will fight for you, your rights, and your freedom, then look no further. David Hunter uses his experience, knowledge, and skills to give you the legal fight you deserve.

Contact our firm to receive quality criminal defense advice and retain counsel from a knowledgeable Fort Bend criminal lawyer.

  • Commitment

    Your case is just as important as any other case. As a client, you come first – always. David Hunter Law Firm  gives your case the commitment and hard work it deserves, ensuring you get the best outcome possible.

  • Integrity

    Everyone in Fort Bend County and Sugar Land is entitled to a fair trial, regardless of guilt or innocence. You can trust David Hunter Law Firm to treat you and your case with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

  • Experience

    As a former Fort Bend Texas judge, David Hunter Law Firm has unique knowledge and experience that sets him apart from other lawyers and gives him and your case an edge in the courtroom.

  • Honesty

    There should never be a point in your case where you feel out of the loop. David Hunter Law Firm works hard to ensure all your questions are answered, your needs are met, and any concerns are addressed promptly.

Fort Bend Criminal Lawyers who Understand the Elements of a Solid Defense

There are a few elements that exemplify the characteristics and behavior of a solid criminal defense attorney. 

These elements are:

  • Timely and thorough investigations
  • Evaluation of police officer conduct
  • Fact-based supporting evidence
  • Efficient communication with clients, courts, prosecution, and witnesses
  • Presumption of innocence

Former judge and prosecutor. As one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Fort Bend County, David Hunter works quickly to gain an understanding of the events in his clients’ cases. He works to establish timelines and secure witness testimony to build a solid foundation for his clients’ defense. Mr. Hunter is an experienced judge, chief prosecutor and criminal lawyer. He combines his real-world litigation experience with judicial perspective to craft insightful criminal defenses. 

Your Legal Rights

Being arrested requires you to be taken to a judge, at which time the judge must advise you of any accusations against you, any affidavits filed regarding the accusations, your right to retain legal counsel, your right to remain silent, your right to have an lawyer present during any interviews, your right to terminate any interviews at any time, your right to request a court-appointed lawyer, your right to have a fair trial, and your right not to make a statement that may be used against you. It is also your right to have a reasonable amount of time to find an attorney.

As the accused, you also have the right not to be prosecuted unless indicted by a grand jury when facing a felony, the right to be presumed innocent until guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the right not to incriminate yourself, the right to a speedy trial, the right to confront any witnesses against you, and the right to appeal.

Our Law Firm Prepares the Best Defense

  • We conduct on-site investigations and interviews with key witnesses.
  • We comb through state’s file, thoroughly examine the alleged evidence against you, and expose the human errors made by police and investigators.
  • We combine a passion for criminal defense law with meticulous attention to detail.
  • We do not hesitate to bring a case to trial to fight for exoneration and dismissal.
  • We know what to do and say to maximize the chances of achieving a dismissal.

Criminal Defense Advice from a Former Judge Turned Lawyer

The burden of proof rests on the prosecution in matters of criminal charges. “The people” must prove that the defendant — beyond any reasonable doubt — committed the alleged crimes. A good defense attorney understands how to make that process even more challenging. Our law firm works with the evidence in our clients’ cases to separate proof from conjecture. 

Our defenses pose definitive questions that help our clients defend their charges:

  • Was there, in fact, a crime committed?
  • Is there evidence our client was involved?
  • Is the evidence based in fact?
  • Are the witnesses credible?
  • Can our client be legally punished for this crime?
  • Are there any other logical explanations?
  • Did the police follow standard procedure?
  • Was the evidence legally obtained?
  • Are there any other suspects?

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You need a great lawyer who will do everything they can to ensure you win your case.

The criminal justice system fails every time the rights of the accused are compromised and innocent people are convicted. Our Sugar Land criminal defense law firm stands up to the system by giving clients reliable criminal defense advice, as well as the legal representation they deserve. 

Contact us at (281) 417-3117 to schedule a free consultation with a Fort Bend criminal lawyer.

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