What to Look for When Choosing a Fort Bend County Lawyer

Whatever your charges are, innocent or not, it’s important to find the right Fort Bend County lawyer to represent you. Your freedom is on the line. But how do you know what to look for when finding a lawyer to represent you? A good lawyer will listen to your story, construct a powerful legal case, and stand up and fight for you. A bad lawyer can cost you precious time and money, and worst of all can land you in prison for a crime you did not commit. Here are some important qualities to make sure your lawyer has before deciding who will represent you in court.

What Fort Bend County Lawyers Can Do For You

How do you decide which lawyer to choose from? You have to know how they can help you. Here are some examples:

  1. Free Legal Consultation

    A good lawyer wouldn’t take a case that wasn’t right for them. That would be a disservice to you, your case, and your legal record. The only true way for any Fort Bend County lawyer to determine how compatible your case is with their services, however, is to speak with you directly. If you are a good fit, they will let you know and tell you my price. If you are not, find a good lawyer who can tell you how to move forward with your case.

  2. Maintain Your Innocence and Freedom

    Perhaps the most valuable help any lawyer can offer is the ability to maintain your innocence and freedom throughout the case. It may mean retaining your driver’s license and ability to drive, involve a steep fine or legal fee if found guilty, or in some cases this may be your actual freedom.

  3. Peace of Mind

    Individuals who hire a good lawyer are less stressed and experience less anxiety in the court. This means that they respond better under pressure and on the stand. This small difference can mean the world to your case. Your confidence in your Fort Bend County lawyer will almost certainly affect the way you conduct yourself and respond in a court of law. Many times, a great attorney can avoid a jury trial so you don’t have to take the stand at all.

  4. Representation

    Who will you be working with? Large firms occasionally bait and switch customers with one criminal defense attorney at intake and another for representation. If you think this might be happening to you, ask. In some cases it’s an upgrade, in others it can be a liability. You won’t know until you ask.

  5. Focus

    Is your Fort Bend County lawyer focused more on your situation than their own? Your criminal defense attorney’s time is valuable. A good, focused attorney will spend 95% of the time talking about you or listening to you. Anyone that spends the majority of the time talking about themselves is probably trying to sell you something you don’t need.

  6. Trust

    Speaking of initial impressions, trust refers to how comfortable you feel letting a lawyer represent your case in a court of law. You should consider 1) how quickly they respond to your inquiry, 2) how knowledgeable they are regarding your type of case, 3) if you feel you can trust your case to them. If you’re uncomfortable about your lawyer’s ability, it’s probably not a good fit for you.

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