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David Hunter is a criminal defense attorney with a reputation for providing insightful advice and aggressive representation. He is known for using his knowledge as a former Fort Bend judge and chief prosecutor to develop and implement defenses that withstand the prosecution’s arguments and strategy. He has proven time after time that he is a fair and trustworthy attorney.

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We Understand Criminal Defense

The criminal justice system fails every time the rights of the accused are compromised and innocent people are convicted. Our law firm stands up to the system by giving clients reliable criminal defense advice, as well as the legal representation they deserve.

David Hunter works quickly to gain an understanding of the events in his clients’ cases. He works to establish timelines and secure witness testimony to build a solid foundation for his clients’ defense.

Mr. Hunter combines his real-world litigation experience with judicial perspective to craft insightful criminal defenses. 

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David Kiatta is an extremely intelligent lawyer. We hired him for a felony drug charge. He was able to get the case dismissed in one month.
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