David Hunter Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Bend

David Hunter is a Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney with a reputation for providing effective criminal defense advice and aggressive representation. As an attorney for criminal defense, he is known for using his knowledge as a former judge to develop and implement defenses for criminal charges that withstand the prosecution’s arguments and strategy.

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The David Hunter Law Firm Understands the Elements of a Solid Criminal Defense Attorney

There are a few elements that we understand to be a solid criminal defense attorney. These elements are:

  • Timely and thorough investigations
  • Evaluation of police officer conduct
  • Fact-based supporting evidence
  • Efficient communications with clients, courts, prosecution, and witnesses
  • Presumption of innocence

As one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Ford Bend, TX, David Hunter works quickly to gain an understanding of the events in his clients’ cases. He works to establish time lines and secure witness testimony to build a solid foundation for his clients’ defense. Mr. Hunter is an experienced judge and Texas criminal lawyer. He combines his real-world litigation experience with judicial perspective to craft insightful criminal defenses. Contact the firm using the form on the right to receive quality criminal defense advice and retain counsel from a knowledgeable Fort Bend County criminal lawyer.

Criminal Defense Advice

criminal defense attorney fort bend tx david hunter The burden of proof rests on the prosecution in matters of criminal charges. The people must prove that the defendant, beyond any reasonable doubt, committed the alleged crimes. A good defense attorney understands how to make that process even more challenging. Our Sugar Land criminal defense law firm works with the evidence in our clients cases to separate proof from conjecture. Our defenses pose definitive questions that help our clients defend their charges:

  • Was there, in fact, a crime committed?
  • Is there evidence our client was involved?
  • Is the evidence based in fact?
  • Are the witnesses credible?
  • Can our client be legally punished for this crime?
  • Are there any other logical explanations?
  • Did the police follow standard procedure?
  • Was the evidence legally obtained?
  • Are there any other suspects?

Contact David Hunter Criminal Defense Attorney Today

The criminal justice system fails every time the rights of the accused are compromised and innocent people are convicted. Our law firm stands up to the system by giving clients reliable criminal defense advice as well as the legal representation they deserve. Contact us now at [phone] to speak with David Hunter, experienced Fort Bend criminal lawyer or schedule for a free consultation today.

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