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Setting the Record Straight

So what exactly is an expunction lawyer? We fight to drop or dismiss charges held against you. If you live in the Fort Bend County and need an expunction, David Hunter can help you.

What Can an Expunction Lawyer Do?

Having criminal charges can take a toll on your lifestyle. Not only can you have difficulty finding jobs that will hire you, but other things, like education and leasing also become a problem. Applying to schools will be difficult with a criminal record. That could stop your possibility of college enrollment and put a stop to future goals. The same may be true for leasing an apartment.

Instead of living a lifestyle full of struggle, expunging your record can help take away those problems. The moment your charges drop, you can say goodbye to those difficult possibilities. Your chance of living a normal lifestyle becomes a possibility again. In addition, there is no need to stress about your future. Living your dreams can become a possibility again.

What Qualifies for an Expunction on Your Record?

While you and your lawyer fight for your freedom, you may come in contact with certain things that can drop form your records. First, a “not-guilty” verdict. This is a simple one where your results after a hearing result with “not-guilty.” Television usually displays this and helps make this more known to the public.

Secondly, the second to acquit your charges. All this means is you drop your charges from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the court of last resort for all criminal matters for the state. This is the same as “not-guilty”. The difference from a “not-guilty” and an acquittal could be as simple as lack of evidence against you. The lack of evidence then helps to drop your charges.

Third, is completing a deferred adjudication for a Class C misdemeanor. Of course, this only applies for Class C misdemeanor for charges that have a fine of nothing more than $500. If you are placed on deferred adjudication, this gives you a possibility of being “not-guilty”. As long as you successfully complete your probation without any issues or continuing charges, you will be okay.

Lastly, having a governor pardon your conviction. Now, this does not completely clean your record, but it does soften your sentence. A governor pardon does not erase your record, but it stops penalties that are in action.

You must recognize what completely cleans your record and what softens your sentence. You must also understand what are eligible so you can leave your criminal life in the past. A good expunction lawyer will help you to see if you are eligible for an expungment of your criminal record.

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