Have you been worrying whether DWI charges stay permanently on your record?

Having charges dropped requires solid evidence and strong legal arguments. Your best bet in getting your charges dropped will be getting a DWI lawyer and directly pursuing the solid evidence of the case.

Learn how can you do that:

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Why Do You Need to Clear Your Record

When you have a DWI charge on your criminal record, it can negatively affect your life. People might discriminate based on your past criminal record. Whenever you try to rent a place or apply for a mortgage, you need to mention this fact. In college and job applications, there are questions about past criminal offenses. Even if you deny it on paper, they can still find it out in background checks on your profile.

However, the records don’t have to be permanent. Some states allow getting the charges erased from your public record. By getting your charges dropped by the state, it can be as though you were never convicted. Except in some criminal proceedings, you can deny your DWI conviction. On the other hand, they will be available in government records.

How to Get Your DWI Charges Dropped sugar land dui lawyer

This is the procedure for getting the charges erased from adult criminal record. There are certain limitations to this, but it depends on your circumstances. There are two ways to go about this: expunction and non-disclosure.


  • If there was a DWI charge against you but you were not-guilty, then you file for expunction.
  • If the judge dismisses the charges against you, the DUI charges and the arrest can be erased from the record.
  • You can appeal your conviction at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. If the court acquits you, the charges can be removed from the record.

Not only is there a DWI charge and conviction, but the court will also order suspension of your license. As a matter of fact, it stays on your driver’s license record permanently. Moreover, you cannot erase your DWI conviction.

“An expunction is a tool that individuals can use to clear their record if they were wrongfully arrested or convicted of a crime.”


  • If you successfully complete your probation, you can file the petition for nondisclosure.
  • You can be legally free from disclosing information about your past criminal record.
  • After the court orders non-disclosure, you can seal your criminal record.

Even so, criminal and non-criminal justice entities have access to your criminal history.

The juvenile court system differs from adult criminal justice proceedings. Additionally, underage offenders cannot get bail or a trial by jury. Here, the focus is for them to prevent repeat offenses.

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Hire the Best Sugar Land DWI lawyer

Getting the help of an experienced DUI lawyer makes it easier for you to get charges dropped. He possesses complete knowledge of your rights. Some criminal convictions like DWI stay forever on your criminal offense history.

You cannot seal or erase your record if you have completed a straight probation. If you served your sentence, you will not be eligible for expunction. Additionally, you cannot even go for a non-disclosure.

If you are eligible for expunction, you can file the application in the court. Hire a DWI lawyer to fight for you. The judge will look at your record to see if there are any more criminal charges against you. Your expunction order depends on the severity of the crime. The judge may deny expunction if you committed other crimes. In case of ineligibility, you can seek a pardon from the governor of the state. The second way is to file a writ of Habeas Corpus.

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