You need to ask your Sugar Land DWI Lawyer these questions before letting them take your case.

Before heading into a consultation with a Sugar Land DWI Lawyer, you’ll want to prepare. Yes, even initial consultations require preparation on both your part and the lawyer’s. When you get to the lawyer’s office, you don’t want to miss a beat or forget anything important. Every detail matters! Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything and ask all the right questions to get peace of mind and confidence that your criminal defense lawyer understands your case and fights for you.

Here’s the Essential Questions Checklist:

Remember when reading through this checklist that everyone is unique. Your case is not the same as anyone else’s, so it’s important to take a moment to consider each of these questions in your own personal context in regards to your case. Without further ado, here are the essential questions you need to ask your Sugar Land DWI Lawyer at your consultation:

1. Do you have experience with my particular type of case?

Whether it be DUI, DWI, drug possession, or whatever else, the best Sugar Land DWI lawyer will know what they’re doing and have years of experience doing it. Don’t be afraid to delve deep here; ask about their success rate, subsets of DWI case types, and typical outcomes. Again, you are unique and so is your case!

sugar land dui lawyer2. Do you have experience in my particular area?

While the American justice system is indeed national, laws vary by state. Even more so, the way cases are handled varies wildly by city, county, judge, and other details. The best Sugar Land DWI Lawyer will be familiar with working as a criminal defense attorney within the Sugar Land area in particular. Extra points if they’ve been behind the bench themselves as a judge in the past! Knowing how local police and prosecution work is a huge advantage to your defense when in the courtroom. A great local Sugar Land DWI lawyer will know the common mistakes made by Sugar Land prosecutors that will probably help your case, too!

3. How many cases have you won/lost?

Your DUI lawyer should be able to tell you this very easily. Keep in mind that if the number is very high or very low, it could be a red flag. An attorney who has won lots of cases may look good, but it’s important to look at the “why” behind the win. A good Sugar Land DWI Lawyer will not make 100% guarantees that your case will be won. This is extremely unethical. Instead, they should offer you a realistic picture of the best case scenario in your situation. Beware of any lawyer who is overly confident about your case. Make sure you’re with a lawyer who cares about your case more than their numbers.

sugar land dui lawyer4. How will we stay in contact?

One of the biggest complaints about lawyers, especially court-appointed attorneys, is that they leave their clients out of the loop. Some clients even find out weeks later that they went through a plea bargain process without them even knowing! The right DWI lawyer commits to your case and keeping you informed. They will not make big decisions without your input. After all, this is your case and your life! Make sure you understand how your lawyer will stay in touch with you during the case. This is especially important if you have any questions at any time. It should be easy to reach them; you should not have to come to their physical office every time you have a question.

5. How many cases do you have on your plate right now?

Having a heavy caseload isn’t always a good thing. While it may signal the lawyer is good at his or her job and has many clients, it can also be a huge disadvantage to a new client. Each case requires a time commitment, and that time commitment decreases as the caseload increases. Sugar Land DWI lawyers with gigantic caseloads can’t devote the necessary time to your case, meaning you suffer for it in the end. Make sure you understand what their level of commitment is to your case.

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