Criminal Laws in Fort Bend County

The Texas penal code defines criminal laws in Fort Bend County including what constitutes as a crime and how it should be punished. This system is governed by the justice system which must work within those set of rules when trying cases and doling out sentences.

All parts of the Texas justice system are responsible for enforcing criminal laws in Sugar Land:

  • Police department –conducting investigations and making arrests
  • Prosecuting attorneys – bringing cases against those who have been arrested
  • Texas courts – managing hearings, trials, and sentencing
  • Jail and prison system – enforcing sentences

We help clients work to understand criminal laws in Fort Bend County and the role they play in their charges. We strive to make the law familiar enough so that they see how the justice system can work for them.

We bring advanced study and knowledge of the law to explain matters to our clients in a way they can understand and in a manner that respects the circumstances of their legal problems.


Sugar Land Criminal Law

We want to help our clients reach a solid understanding of Sugar Land criminal law as it pertains to their case. Understanding your rights, the law, and legal proceedings can be a very liberating experience for people facing criminal charges.

It can be a relief to know only a few very important principles of Sugar Land criminal law:

  • Everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
  • Everyone is entitled to timely and just due process.
  • Everyone has the right to legal counsel.
  • Everyone has the right not to incriminate themselves.
  • Everyone must pass through court proceedings before being sentenced.
  • Everyone has the right to defend against criminal charges.

Our firm understands the many misconceptions and fears that clients have concerning the criminal justice system. We work to scrape away those layers of uncertainty and help clients understand how the law views their action, and what actions they can take to defend themselves.

Sugar Land criminal law provides options and valuable alternatives for people to amend for their actions or take measures to assert their innocence. The most important rule of the law is to protect the rights of all people—even those accused of a crime.


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