Drug Crime Attorney Red Flags to Avoid

If you have been arrested for a drug charge in the state of Texas, you need a drug crime attorney – and you need one fast. However, you should not take this choice lightly. Hiring a drug crime attorney is a very important decision and one that can result in disaster if you choose poorly. It’s important to choose wisely or else you’ll risk losing your case and dealing with possibly very severe consequences. Choosing the right drug attorney improves the likelihood of a better result.

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Drug Crime Attorney Red Flags

drug crime attorney

If the lawyer you’re thinking about hiring does any of the following, it’s a red flag! Don’t hire them! Refer to this list to protect yourself.

Bad Attitude

First impressions are very powerful. If your first contact with a drug crime attorney leaves you feeling bad, that’s a sign that perhaps they aren’t the right lawyer for you. If they come off as any of the following, cross them off of your list:

  • rude, ill-mannered, and uncouth
  • condescending
  • impatient and in a hurry to wrap things up with you
  • not paying attention to you when you speak
  • judgmental regarding your charges

You want a lawyer who has self-control, good manners, and a pleasant disposition, especially when you get to the court room. The inability to show respect to clients is a red flag that the same behavior may occur in the court room with a judge. This could hurt your case dramatically. Don’t take that chance. Show them that you don’t want a lawyer who disrespects you, ignores you, or treats you like a child who needs to be punished.

Overly Confident

Beware of any defense attorney who promises they can win your case before ever hearing any details. This is extremely unethical. No lawyer can honestly guarantee 100% that they will get your case dismissed or win. If you hear a drug crime attorney say this, be skeptical. It’s also important to note that some lawyers may promise dismissal, but what they actually mean is the “dismissal” that follows deferred adjudication. This is actually not the same thing. While it does mean the defendant won’t be convicted of a crime, the lack of a “guilty” charge doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences. Probation is still a consequence. While it won’t show as a conviction, any background check will show you were arrested for the charge.


Watch out for distracted drug crime attorneys! While it is true that some lawyers have huge caseloads, the quality of your defense should be of the utmost importance to them. Try to find out how many pending cases they currently have. Too little or too many could be a red flag. If your lawyer is constantly cutting meetings short, confusing you with other clients, forgetting your name, or not spending enough time on your case, it’s time to cut them loose. You deserve a defense attorney who will commit to you and your case. Hire someone who will give you the attention you deserve. Finally, the No. 1 red flag here is a lawyer who says they don’t need to meet with you at all before heading to court. This could mean that they are not spending adequate time preparing your case for court. Insist that you meet beforehand, not the morning of your court date.

“Don’t hire someone who won’t give you the attention you deserve.”

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Uses Fear as a Motivator

A good drug crime lawyer shouldn’t have to resort to scare tactics to get clients. This is very unethical. A good lawyer gives you information and guidance to help you feel less anxious, not more! After your initial consultation with a defense attorney, you should feel confident about their commitment, expertise, and competence. You should trust them. If an attorney tells you that you will get the maximum sentence unless you hire them, this is a red flag that they are trying to manipulate you. A good lawyer doesn’t have to resort to manipulative techniques to get clients in the door. Don’t fall for it.

Mdrug crime attorneyakes Big Decisions Without You

Imagine getting a phone call from your lawyer and finding out that your case went through without you there. Perhaps they even accepted a plea deal. You’re left shocked and angry that you weren’t notified of any of it. You weren’t even asked what you wanted to do before they made a decision for you. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and truly unethical. A good drug crime attorney will not leave you in the dust, but rather keep you informed and aware of all court proceedings and decisions. The right lawyer will not make big decisions without your input. It is YOUR case, after all.

Offers Lots of Guarantees, But Won’t Put it in Writing

This is a huge red flag! You need to get any promises, guarantees, and financial/fee information in writing. Any drug crime attorney who refuses to do that may be hiding something. Don’t waste your time on someone who won’t live up to their hype or keep their promises. You should be given a receipt for payment when you pay, even if you are in the court room. Don’t let them make you go all the way to their office to get one. Finally, check out their testimonials and client reviews. If they refuse to share this information when asked, there may be a good reason for it – they’re probably not very good!


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