Don’t Wait to Learn the Facts

There’s a common misconception that you only need a drug lawyer after you’ve already been charged with a crime. However, the outcome of a drug possession or trafficking case relies heavily on what transpires at the time of your arrest. This is why it’s vitally important to speak to an experienced attorney as a way to protect your rights when facing violations related to drug charges, marijuana possession, drug trafficking. Before you get caught and face felony charges, consider the following points on why you need a drug attorney’s counsel urgently.

Hefty Sentences

A qualified drug charges lawyer has seen it all before and knows the types of outcomes clients can expect when facing drug-related charges. You may have only begun using as a way to have some fun after a long day at work. A drug charges lawyer, however, can warn you about the severe penalties imposed by the legal justice system in Texas. State drug laws include fines of $10,000 or more and up to two years behind bars. Federal charges are even more grim—life in prison for drug trafficking and $250,000 in fines and penalties.

Facing Unknown Consequences

A drug lawyer also has the ability to advise you on circumstances that have a direct effect on the severity of your sentencing. If you’re caught distributing drugs in certain locations, you may have to deal with lifelong consequences. For instance, the legal system has stricter drug laws if a suspect is caught with illegal substances in public places such as nearby a school or college. Bringing drugs into the country illegally is also likely to impact your sentence more.

Harder on Repeat Offenders

A good drug attorney will have the ability to tailor your defense to your specific needs by reviewing your case thoroughly. Repeat offenders need to use a different tactic in court rather than those facing drug charges for the very first time. Your drug attorney can determine the best avenues that could lead to a reduced sentence or a dismissal of the charges altogether.

Forfeit of Property

One of the biggest shockers that affect those facing drug-related penalties is the requirement to hand over their personal property to authorities. If law enforcement states that a crime was committed in your vehicle or home, you may have to forfeit these items to officials. A good drug lawyer, however, may be able to get these items removed as part of their collection of evidence.

Gang-Related Charges

If the state is able to prove the drug charges can be traced back to a gang, then you will be sent behind bars for a very long time. Any type of connection to an organization or gang will be taken seriously in court. A criminal defense attorney has the ability to distinguish whether or not a gang connection is apparent.

A criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug-related cases, and who also serves as a drug charges lawyer, will give you the best representation possible. Besides negotiating deals on your behalf, a drug lawyer will offer support throughout the process as you navigate the complexities of the legal system. A drug attorney understands the laws that apply to your specific case and can also help in collecting the necessary evidence to protect your rights.

An Experienced Drug Lawyer

If you face a threat of charges related to drug possession or drug trafficking in Texas, you need to take it seriously. Call the David Hunter Law Firm as soon as possible if you are in danger of being arrested and charged with a drug offense. Contact the law firm at [phone] or online for a free consultation to discuss the many ways David Hunter, an experience drug charges lawyer, and his legal team can assist you.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Drug Lawyer (Before You’re Charged) | The David Hunter Law Firm