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Getting caught and charged with a DWI is one of the scariest moments we can experience. We often find some of the same questions going through our heads: What will happen next? Will I lose my license? Will a DUI affect my employment? Will I lose my job? Will I ever be able to get a new job?

But there’s no need to worry. As with everything in life, we can’t change the past and can only focus on the present and the future – as much as we might wish that we didn’t have that last drink and drive home. So how do you ensure your future isn’t affected by your DWI? By hiring a Sugar Land DWI lawyer who can fight for you.

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Will a DWI affect my employment?

There’s no guarantee that your employment won’t be affected when you’re caught driving under the influence, and every workplace is different. Some companies will have a much more relaxed approach than others. The only real way to check is by confronting the issue with your boss directly.

Some companies and places of work will contain this information in the contract, so read through your contract to possibly get some answers.

Alternatively, it’s much easier and more effective to hire a lawyer to fight for your rights, check out the contracts, and help you through this sticky situation. They can help you figure out what you need to say, how to fight your case in court, and how to move forward. They can even help you get your DWI expunged.

sugar land dui lawyerWhat should I do?

Failure to act responsibly following a DUI can be disastrous. Your very first step should be to find a defense lawyer – and the best one that you can get. Make sure you can trust your criminal defense lawyer. While this may seem like common sense, finding a trustworthy DWI lawyer can be a daunting task. It can be a difficult task to find a DWI lawyer that will treat your case properly, so do your research.

Know the signs of a good DWI lawyer, as well as the attorney red flags of one you should avoid.

If you’re located in and around Sugar Land, Texas, there’s no better DWI defense lawyer than David Hunter. Specializing in DWIs, drug charges, domestic abuse and juvenile charges, Hunter knows how to solve the issues that you may be facing – helping your case and saving your job.

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Why Choose DWI Lawyer David Hunter – Sugar Land, Texas

DUI Lawyer David Hunter will provide you with a free consultation and fight aggressively for your case – empowering you to make the best legal decisions in the situation. Having been a judge himself, Hunter knows the process inside and out and knows how to solve a lawsuit. There’s plenty of effective ways to build a great defense in Texas including:

  • Body type and alcohol metabolism
  • Inaccuracy of BAC test or methodology in testing
  • Subjectivity of field sobriety testing
  • False DWI charge and arrest
  • Improper arrest procedure

David Hunter will help clients understand the law and what exactly their rights are. It’s a hard situation to be in and all information that you can get your hands on is perfect. Hunter will also investigate the charges and arrest procedure and build strategic defenses for each individual situation.

You can also expect him to argue your side in Texas court, creating a persuasive case and negotiating plea bargaining and sentence arrangements. You’ll receive continual support during all legal proceedings and utmost assistance when it comes to your job and your employment.

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David Hunter is a DWI lawyer who cares, who has the experience you need to succeed in court. His experience both as a lawyer and behind the bench as a judge mean he knows the justice system intimately. He’s the premier choice when looking for a DWI Lawyer in Sugar Land, Texas. Schedule a consultation with him today!

Consultation is free and there’s nothing to lose. You can contact David Hunter online or at (281) 265-1515, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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