As attorneys who work closely with the families and victims of car accidents in Sugar Land and throughout Houston, we urge drivers to stay safe during holidays. However, if you ever find yourself pulled over, your safest line of defense would be to contact the best DWI lawyer.

After all, holidays are a time for celebration with friends and family, and not a time to deal with the tragic consequences of a car accident.

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Road Crash Statistics in Texasbest dwi lawyer, best dui lawyer

One look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2017 statistics will show you over 10,000 people getting killed in drunk driving accidents. In the same year in Texas, there have been 1,024 DWI-related crashes mostly during holiday spikes.

In addition, Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking. The charges often carry steep punishments, license suspension and/or jail time for up to two years. The degree of punishment is based on the severity of your offense.

While the BAC level for adults is 0.8, for people under 21, any detectable amount of alcohol in their system while driving can constitute a DWI. In most cases, if you get charged with DWI, you have to present yourself in court.

“People who supply alcohol to underage patrons can also be imprisoned.”

Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Here are a few ways to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and stay safe on the road:

best dwi lawyer, best dui lawyerTake One Day Off from Drinking in Rotation

Get into a smart arrangement with your friends this holiday season, wherein one person stays sober. You can rotate the days as per everyone’s interest and convenience. This way, you have at least one sober person who is responsible for the lot. This will not only help you remember the funny details of the party, but will also enable you to stay in check of other’s consumption.

Drive Sober

The holiday season is for spending time with your loved ones and having fun. While there should be no limit to merrymaking, you should be responsible for yourself and others. If you’re drunk and have a long way to drive back, wait till you get sober.

“It takes almost two hours for your body to process alcohol.”

It takes almost two hours for your body to process alcohol. There can be severe consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. While you may escape the cops or avoid underage DWI, there is still a risk of getting into an accident and causing injuries to yourself, fellow passengers, or pedestrians. Contact the best DWI lawyer to fight a strong case.

Never Drink While Drivingbest dwi lawyer, best dui lawyer

As you all get ready to party it is obvious that you may get carried away and drink more than anticipated. This can, however, put you in a very dangerous situation. Consuming alcohol while driving not just distracts you but also impairs your motor movements.Your one misjudgment or wrong maneuver on the road may make you end up with a DUI.

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Opt for Alternate Transits

Once you start wavering and bumping into people or things, you know you’re too drunk for driving. However, it’s best to not drive even if you’re not experiencing these symptoms. In such cases, it good to have an alternate plan just in case. Opting for alternate transits shows that you’re a responsible adult.

Booking a cab, Uber, or Lyft is usually the best option. If not, taking a bus or subway is the next best thing to do. Also, if you have a friend who is sober and capable of driving you home, you can hitch a ride with them. You also want to be sure of not letting a drunk person drive you home. It can be just as catastrophic as you being in the driver’s seat.

best dwi lawyer, best dui lawyerSteer Clear from High Speeds

You may have not had as much alcohol as your friends and family and you feel sober. But, steer clear from high speeds.

Any amount of alcohol can potentially constrict your motor abilities and rational thinking. There are high chances of losing control of your vehicle while driving fast. Therefore, be sure to keep follow the speed limits.

“Don’t have more than one drink an hour and follow it with a pint full of water to avoid getting intoxicated.”

Crash at a Friend’s Place

If there is absolutely no way you can reach home, consider to safely crash at a friend’s place and leave the next morning.

This way, you are in a safe environment, can avoid any form of road fatalities, and get enough time to get the alcohol out of your system.

The same theory applies to your friend as well. If you find them sloshed, make them stay the night at your place. You can play a crucial role in helping them make the right decision and keeping them safe.

Stay Calm and Composed

No matter how stressful the holidays are, you shouldn’t let it influence the way you drive. There can be unpleasant incidents like road rage, racing to stop lights, or tailgating. These incidents may also attract heavy penalties from the authorities.

Make sure not to indulge in any of this, under any sort of pressure. Try to stay calm and focused while driving. You can listen to soothing music to help you stay composed. In a worst case scenario, contact the best DWI lawyer to help you get out of any stressful situation.

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