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Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday DWI statistics are higher than any other time of the year. You go to a holiday party, there’s drinks served, and maybe you had a little too much to drink. Sometimes, it just kind of happens. Statistically, this happens more during this time of the year.

What’s a DWI?

First off, what is the difference between a DWI and DUI? A DWI is driving while intoxicated. The most important thing is that a DWI is for drivers over 21 years of age. You get a DWI with a blood alcohol consumption over .08. Whereas a DWI means driving under the influence, or under 21. This is problematic because it means drinking under the drinking age.

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving is the lowest for holiday DWI statistics. However, the eve of Thanksgiving is the mark where the statistics begin. This is called Blackout Wednesday. This drinking day is bigger than News Year’s eve or St. Patrick’s Day. This is common among large urban areas and eve college students. The percentage of drinking violations is 31%, which is the lowest percentage of the holidays. Also, the Thanksgiving holiday has a percentage of 35% of highway deaths. The rest of the year averages of 29%. The numbers only increase from Blackout Wednesday.

Christmas Eve

Although Christmas may seem like the highest time of holiday DWI statistics, it’s only the second highest. The drinking violations, however, rise from 31% from Thanksgiving to 48% for Christmas. Christmas is also higher in highway deaths, which is 41%. As the holiday season progresses, so does the drinking.

New Year’s Eve

Unlike the other two weekends, New Year’s weekend is the highest weekend for drinking and driving. Compared to the other two, the drinking violation is 106%, which is more than double the amount of Christmas Eve. This weekend is the highest weekend for DWI offenders.  This is also the highest amount of highway deaths, which is 58%.

Holiday Season

Between the Thanksgiving weekend and the New Year’s weekend, two to three times more people die in alcohol-related crashes. Due to drinking and driving, 25,000 end up injured in traffic accidents. The entire holiday season has 40% of highway deaths. Between December 23 to January 2, over 91 million Americans take trips. With this in mind, it is important to drive safely and carefully.

Don’t Become Apart of the Holiday DWI Statistics

The holidays is a time to get together with family and friends. a lot of parties and gatherings have alcohol. If you are under the age of drinking, try to stay away from the drinks. If you do happen to drink alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel. Ask a friend or family member who is capable of driving to take you home. Plan ahead to have a ride. Stay safe this holiday season and don’t become another statistic.

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