Practicing Criminal Defense Law in Sugar Land, Texas

The David Hunter Law Firm practices criminal law in Sugar Land by aggressively defending clients facing both misdemeanor and felony-level charges. Our firm has a strong focus in DUI and DWI defenses, and has experience defending many other allegations:

Drug Crimes

Drug charges in violation of Fort Bend County criminal laws carry serious sentences:

A person in Texas caught possessing any usable quantity of narcotics can be charged with a felony. We provide aggressive defenses for clients accused of possession, distribution, or manufacturing narcotics charges.

Property Crimes

Property crimes in Texas are a broad category that involves the illegal damage or theft to another person’s property:

Some of these crimes can have long-term impact by causing difficulty obtaining employment and professional licenses. The David Hunter Law Firm will help you confront these violations of criminal law in Sugar Land and fight to protect your rights.

Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles convicted of charges violating any Sugar Land criminal laws can face future difficulties that may affect the course of their lives:

David Hunter is experienced in these types of cases and dedicated to helping his clients protect their criminal records and future livelihood.

Assault and Violent Crimes

The David Hunter Law firm represents clients facing violations of Sugar Land criminal laws for assault and violent crimes:

The punishments vary with the severity of the crime and include fines, jail time, and other punitive damages. If the victim drops civil assault charges against you, the government can still continue the criminal case.

Contact a lawyer before you pay your ticket and forfeit the presumption of innocence.

Contact 281-277-1500 for help with Sugar Land criminal laws.

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