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It is important to hire a Sugarland, TX domestic violence lawyer immediately after getting charged. Domestic violence charges are a serious matter, and a conviction will likely remain on your criminal record. Those charges can make it difficult to find a job and establish visitation rights with your children if you are divorced. At The David Hunter Law Firm, I work hard as a lawyer for domestic violence to collect all information to create an effective defense for your assault charges. Oftentimes, an angry girlfriend, spouse or ex-spouse alleges he or she was the victim of domestic violence simply to have a boyfriend, spouse or ex-spouse removed from the premises. While working as your domestic violence defense lawyer, I ensure that all the facts are evident, telling your side of the story before the court makes any ruling.

Fight for Your Rights with an Effective Defense for Assault Charges

Domestic Violence Lawyer Sugarland TX David Hunter Law Firm
In order to get the story straight, I consult investigators to interview neighbors or witnesses, collect medical information, and determine the background of the alleged victim. Depending on your specific case, gathering these kinds of details may be important if you acted in self-defense or were assaulted in the past. Too often, police arrive and arrest the boyfriend, husband or ex-spouse under the assumption it was the male who was responsible for causing the disturbance. I ensure your side of the story is presented, and the facts supporting your defense for assault are made known to the judge.

Why You Should Fight For Your Rights

It’s important to hire a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been arrested. If found guilty, you could receive jail time and end up with a permanent criminal record. Since most employers have a zero-tolerance policy regarding criminal charges, you may lose your current job.

Get Ahead Before You Get Started

The best way to get started in your case is to get informed. Don’t enter a courtroom blind. Learn more about our blogs about what not only I can do for you, but what you can do for yourself before entering the court.

As one of the best domestic violence lawyers in Fort Bend, let me help you by working on your case and your charges before stepping into court. We can come up with a plan together and find the best way to handle your case.

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