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Juvenile Charges Attorney Sugarland TXIf your son, daughter, or loved one is facing criminal charges, you need a strong juvenile charges attorney to fight for your rights. I am David Hunter, an experienced juvenile charges lawyer in Sugarland, and former Texas juvenile judge. I work to protect the rights and freedoms of juveniles charged with crimes in Fort Bend County, Texas. I always seek a solution that will preserve the future career and educational options of your child or loved one if at all possible.

Juvenile Charges

The David Hunter Law Firm defends juveniles facing all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

I will evaluate the situation, explain the available options, and discuss how I may be able to help fight the criminal charges.

A Strong, Effective Juvenile Law Defense for Your Loved One

In today’s “zero-tolerance” legal environment, even a first-time juvenile offender may face the prospect of incarceration. For that reason, a strong juvenile law defense is essential. As a former Texas juvenile judge and an experienced juvenile defense lawyer, I understand issues of evidence and criminal procedure.

Texas law provides alternatives to conviction and incarceration for many juvenile cases. Sometimes, it may be possible to have a child’s juvenile record sealed, leaving their youthful indiscretions in the past. I fight hard to obtain these positive results for your loved one with an aggressive juvenile law defense.


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Don’t let these charges affect your child’s future. Give them the life they deserve.


Sugarland Juvenile Charges Attorney | David Hunter Law Firm

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