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Building An Effective DWI Defense

Anyone arrested has the legal right to consult a DWI defense lawyer and confront the charges against them. This gives the accused the opportunity to tell their side of the story, and chart a course of legal action to defend their criminal and driving records. One of the first elements of a DWI defense is deciding how you are going to plead. Sugar Land DWI trial lawyer David Hunter counsels his clients before the arraignment to decide which plea is best for their circumstances:

  • Guilty
  • Not-guilty
  • No contest
  • Mute

No matter the circumstance, David Hunter is there to fight for your rights. This means either lowering your sentence or even dropping your charges. No matter where you stand, you deserve to fight aggressively. It’s important to build an effective defense before going to court.

The Vital Role in an Effective Defense

David Hunter brings legal insight from years of DWI defense and prosecution experience to advise his clients on the long-term strategies of entering a plea. He understands the vital role this plays in an effective DWI defense and helps his clients leverage this advantage. The David Hunter Law Firm offers DWI assistance to help clients decide their legal goals. This is done by examining all of the evidence in your case to understand what elements of the law and criminal procedure can be used in your Texas DWI defense.

How to Defend Your Case

An effective DWI defense can mean the difference of years in jail, keeping your license, and thousands of dollars in fines. An effective defense may also help you preserve your career and community reputation. Each DWI defense is entirely contingent on the circumstances of the case, and an effective DWI defense is built around the unique facts and evidence available. That being said, there are several common pillars of a strong DWI defense:

  • Improper police procedure
  • Faulty breathalyzer equipment
  • Mistaken DWI charges

Reasonable doubt is an important vantage point when arguing a DWI defense. There is no reason why a person should suffer the strict consequences of sentencing based on the subjective interpretation of an arresting officer and a zealous prosecutor. Experienced DWI defense lawyer David Hunter helps clients confront charges to assert their innocence. He argues defenses that counter the prosecution’s opinions—fighting to make sure that “factual” evidence is based solely and unarguably on facts.

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