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If you have been charged with a crime in Missouri City, TX, you might be wondering what to do. How can you get your life back on track and avoid a conviction? An effective and well-qualified criminal defense attorney may be all that stands between you and a guilty verdict. Hiring a criminal defense attorney in Missouri City, TX, is the first step towards reclaiming your life and standing up for your legal rights. If you’re ready to fight against criminal charges, trust The David Hunter Law Firm to represent you with passion and precision.

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Amazing lawyer that actually cares about your case and will try to get you the ABSOLUTE best outcome! He knows his stuff, and is passionate about his work!
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Adrienne Dover
Houston, Tx
Wesley Ballard Wesley Ballard Awsome lawyer he will definitely handle your case no matter what it is. Definitely glad he was on my side
wesley ballard - domestic violence lawyer
Wesley Ballard
Spring, Tx
David Hunter has all the qualities that make a great defense lawyer / he is a fighter, which is not something that is taught..
dui customer
Mike Stuart
Conroe, Tx
David is a rock star when it comes to attorneys. He was easy to work with and executed my case perfectly. Highly recommend!
domestic violence defense attorney
Jeremy Freeman
Houston, Tx

Services That We Offer in Missouri City, TX

Finding an attorney specializing in criminal defense is essential when facing criminal charges. A Missouri City criminal defense attorney can provide you with the defense you need to overcome criminal charges and obtain justice. In addition to assault charges, The David Hunter Law Firm offers legal representation to clients facing DWI charges and other criminal charges, too.

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DWI Defense in Missouri City

If your blood alcohol level is higher than .08% in Texas, you’re at risk of being charged with a DWI. Penalties include fines up to $10,000 and prison sentences up to ten years long. The David Hunter Law Firm offers defense services to defendants facing DWI charges. Our firm’s criminal defense attorney in Missouri City, TX, can help you make your case in court. 

If you’ve been charged with a DWI or other criminal offense by the Missouri City Police, don’t hesitate to contact us to determine your best course of action.

Assault Defense

When emotions run high, it’s easy for a verbal conflict to turn into a physical altercation, and this can result in charges of assault. Of course, many assault charges are self-defense cases, and a conviction would be unjust. We offer criminal defense representation to clients who have been charged with assault and related crimes.

Battery Defense

Battery and assault are often confused, and a person can face both charges simultaneously. The more serious of the two, though, is typically battery. This charge indicates that you are accused of causing physical harm to a person. These charges often stem from disputed circumstances, making a conviction difficult and potentially unjust. Hiring a Fort Bend assault attorney can help you win a battery case.

Burglary Defense in Missouri City

Burglaries are rarely a one-person operation, but sometimes law enforcement singles out one person to charge with a crime — even if that person is innocent. Burglary charges are serious, and if you don’t overcome the charges, you might face a prison sentence. Invest in a criminal defense attorney to help you address and overcome burglary charges in Missouri City, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs offer additional insight into our clients’ legal services. When you’re searching for a Fore Bend assault attorney, the stakes are high, but you can trust us to handle your case with utmost professionalism.


Criminal defendants are often advised to plead guilty and told that it’s the best option — regardless of whether or not you are guilty. Before you decide how to plead, you must speak with an attorney in Missouri City, TX. Even if you do plead guilty, an attorney can help you get a better deal.


Many people facing criminal charges are unsure of what to tell law enforcement. Police and detectives may pressure you to talk and offer bargains in exchange for information. You mustn’t say anything to law enforcement without speaking with a defense attorney first!

Misdemeanor charges are considered less serious than felony charges, and as such, they typically carry smaller penalties. Both are still incredibly serious, though, and have the power to derail your life if you are convicted. You should invest in legal representation in Missouri City, TX, if you face misdemeanor or felony charges.

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