“I need to hire the best DWI lawyer immediately!”. This is what runs through your mind as you pull over, looking at the red and blue lights behind you. You’ve only had a couple of drinks with your friends and this is your first DWI offense. There is no doubt your situation is unfortunate. However, you have bigger things to worry about.

You’re applying for your security clearance at work and are now scared about the consequences of your DWI.

Read on below to learn how this might impact you and how you can handle the situation.

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DWI and Security Clearancebest dui lawyer

Security clearance is the privilege of a person to access classified information. The US Bureau of Human Resources grants it to eligible personnel. But in the first place, they must pass the background investigation. Some positions at the Department of State need this clearance, although it depends on the responsibilities of the cadre.

A reckless driving conviction or any other criminal charge can affect your ability to get or keep security clearance and it can also affect your ability to get or keep a job. The good news is that if your DUI is expunged with the help of seasoned lawyer, it will not show up on most criminal background checks.

Trained adjudicative personnel decide if someone is eligible. They must have loyalty to the country, integrity and utmost respect for regulations. Except in rare cases, only US citizens can have security clearance. Regardless, the cleared candidates have to go through periodic re-investigations.

The individual, after getting an offer of employment, faces the background check. The candidate fills the standard Form 86 security questionnaire and other required forms. The background check covers the candidate’s past and present history. This is where your past DWI convictions will show up. With this in mind, it is important to be honest while filling out the forms.

It’s always better to be totally honest than to lie and have them find out later – and they will find out.

“Your behavior at the time of arrest matters most, as this is the first opinion the officer forms of you.”

Non-Governmental Organizations

You need to disclose your past convictions in job applications. Likewise, some universities offering professional licenses use background checks. Still, it is not a great hindrance to getting your security clearance. First, learn about the proper procedure to follow. To be sure, take the help of an experienced defense attorney. If you have a criminal record, get the best DWI lawyer to help you hide your DWI conviction.

Sometimes, you might not be eligible to get an expunction. The only way you can be sure of getting your records sealed is to hire a knowledgeable expunction lawyer.

best dui lawyerHow Does DWI Matter?

There are many myths about security clearances, especially about first-time DWI offenses. Shockingly, many people don’t know the purpose of court-mandated alcohol education programs. Furthermore, they do not report the correct circumstances of their arrest. In the same fashion, they misrepresent it as treatment. However, this is a different scenario altogether.

On the other hand, you must mention the arrests in the security questionnaire. Failing to report those can reflect badly on your integrity. Past DUI charges and misdemeanors can impact your federal security clearance.

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“You know how important the matter of security clearance is. Don’t create any complications that go against yourself.”

In case of successful completion of your probation, it will be a smooth going. In contrast, violation of your probation may have some consequences. They depend on the nature of violation and might affect your security clearance. Despite getting charged with DUI, you know people who had no trouble in this matter.

At the same time, you might have doubts about what impacts your security clearance. Generally speaking, you can see the following as threats:

  • Your past convictions, felony charges, professional and personal relationships matter.
  • Your past conviction and failure to finish court-mandated alcohol treatment program.
  • Repeating these offenses or relapsing and substance abuse.

Work With Your DWI Lawyerbest dui lawyer

Most of the first-time offenders get in trouble because they don’t know the law. Being ignorant about your rights works against you. Hence, keep yourself informed about what to expect when charged with DWI. Possession of controlled substances, even prescription drugs, can land you in trouble.

Similarly, you could face severe charges if you bring an open container in the vehicle. One thing to remember is to be honest with your lawyer. Let your DWI lawyer handle the drug charges and get you out of the tough situation.

“If you get pulled over, you don’t have to answer the officer’s questions. Instead, decline politely and call your lawyer.”

A competent defense attorney knows how to turn the jury in your favor. Moreover, he can get your sentence reduced or case dismissal. Additionally, he should be an expert at handling penalties or license reinstatement. All in all, have a strong strategy that can help in important matters like security clearance.

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