Summer is here and that means pool parties, BBQs, and a lot of cool summer drinks. With all the summer fun comes the increased chance of getting an unwanted DWI, so if you want to relax and enjoy yourself without the possibility of getting pulled over, read on to learn tips from a Fort Bend DWI Attorney on how to avoid a DWI this summer.

Did You Get a DWI?

Planning your transportation lowers your chance of getting a DWI.

 fort bend dwi attorney1) Plan Ahead

  • Why planning transportation essential
  • The dangers of not planning ahead

The most important thing Fort Bend DWI Attorney David Hunter suggests is to plan ahead. If you know you’re going to a pool or BBQ party with drinks, plan your transportation. Even if you decide not to drink at the party, think of how you’ll get home. When you’re relaxing with friends it’s easy to forget that you intended not to drink and sometimes you’ll wind up less sober than you wanted. This could be very dangerous for you, your passengers, and others on the road. So the first thing you should do after accepting a party invite is to plan your transportation.

Never drink and drive.

2) Get an Uber or Lyft

  • Planning on using Uber and Lyft now means having more fun later
  • Lyft offers discounts on holiday rides

 fort bend dwi attorney

Suppose you just found out your friend is hosting a pool party. You are super excited! A chance to chill on a pool float and enjoy some nice food and drinks. One of the easiest ways to avoid a DWI and enjoy yourself, says Fort Bend DWI Attorney David Hunter, is to use Uber and Lyft. Knowing that you have a ride to and from the pool party means that you can loosen up and drink as much or as little as you want without worry.

Lyft even offers discounts on major holidays to encourage drinkers to not to drive, so keep that in mind for holiday parties.

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Take turns being the designated driver.

 fort bend dwi attorney3) Offer to Be the Designated Driver

  • Wearing a desiganted driver pin lets everyone know you’re not drinking
  • Rotate who wears the pin so no one feels like they’re always the sober driver

Another great way to avoid getting a DWI is to offer to be the designated driver and wear a designated driver pin. That way you can still go to the bar with your friends and everyone will know you’re not drinking. If this is a frequent thing you do with friends, you can rotate who wears the pin so no one feels they’re always burdened with the role.

Hire a designated driver so everyone can join in on the fun.

4) Hire a Designated Driver

  • Check out to see what driver services are in your area
  • Use Dryver and Safe Way Drivers to help get you and your car home safely if you don’t feel sober enough to drive
  • Use Dryver and Safe Way Drivers to hire designated driver for the whole night

You and your friends want to celebrate something special. So what do you do when everyone wants their share of champagne? Hire a designated driver! The website lists many designated driver services to choose from, like Dryver or Safe Way Drivers.

What you’ve already had a few unplanned drinks with friends? Fort Bend DWI Attorney David Hunter has good news! Many of these services can help you get your car home if you don’t feel sober enough to drive.

Here is how it works. If you need your car picked up simply use call the Dryver number or use the app to request car-pickup. Two drivers will then show up at your location. One to help get you home safely in your car, and another to pick up your driver once they’ve dropped you off.

Safe Way Drivers requires an online reservation but has many services to choose from. You can reserve a driver to help get you and your car home safely, or even reserve a designated driver. Suppose you and your friends want to sample more than one bar in Houston? You can reserve a designated driver to drive you around for as long as you need them. When you’ve had your fun they’ll ensure everyone will get home safely.

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Giving your party guests a place to stay ensures everyone will get home safe.

5) Host a BBQ

  • Don’t want to drive? Host the party at your house
  • Give your friends a place to sleep so they won’t have to worry about getting home

If you really don’t want to chance getting a DWI, host the party at your house. That way, you can still relax with your friend and not have to worry about getting pulled over. You could even offer to let your friends stay the night so they can sleep off the fun and drive home after they’ve sobered up. The bonus of an idea like this is everyone can enjoy themselves without the added expense of hiring a driver.

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