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A traffic ticket can be a major hassle, and too many tickets can increase your insurance rates and even lead to suspension of your driving privileges. The David Hunter Law Firm represents clients charged with violating City of Sugar Land traffic laws. As your traffic ticket attorney, I will work hard to obtain a dismissal or reduction of the charges whenever possible or minimize the consequences that you face.

I offer experienced traffic ticket defense strategies and represent clients in all types of traffic violation matters in the City of Sugar Land, including:

I also represent clients at administrative hearings for driver’s license restoration. If you have received a traffic ticket in the City of Sugar Land and need the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney, contact me using the form on the right.

Experienced Traffic Tickets Defense & Representation

I handle all aspects of your traffic ticket defense and can even stand in for you in court, so you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule. My ultimate goal is to seek dismissal. If dismissal is not possible, then I work to minimize any penalties you may face.

Having handled numerous traffic violation cases in the Sugar Land Municipal Court system, I understand the need for a strong traffic ticket defense tactic and know the legal process in-depth. Throughout the entire process, I will protect your rights and work to achieve the best outcome possible.

To speak with experienced traffic tickets attorney Peter Deleef, call [phone number=”281-918-8934″] or contact me using the form on the right.

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