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Be Ready Before Stepping into Court

If you’ve run into the law, you may need help from a Sugar Land criminal defense attorney. No matter what happened, whether you’re innocent or not, you need an attorney to cover you in court. It’s important to have an attorney by your side and make sure you’re ready before stepping in a court room. You need to share your side of the story.

What a Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney Covers

Before entering a court room, you need find an attorney that can fight off your charges. They need to look to make sure if a crime committed, legal and justifiable evidence, credible witnesses, and plenty more. But what can a criminal defense attorney help with?


Just because you they charged you with a DWI does not mean you’ve lost your case. Your attorney can look at the elements of a DWI charge and build a strong defense. In some cases, it is possible for a misinterpreted DWI arrest as a result of sleep deprivation, allergies and illness, and even emotional and physical injuries. It’s important to look at every detail and aggressively fight for your justice behind the wheel.

Drug Possession

Of course, it’s crucial to look at the evidence for your drug possession charge. Dashboard videos, tapes of evidence, and other exposing evidence of questionable tactics of police officers can benefit in your favor. If there’s no questioning your guilt, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you don’t need an attorney with you. A good attorney can help reduce your charges while still giving you a chance to start over. Don’t feel as if there isn’t an option.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a touchy subject and can lead to serious matters. If someone charges you with domestic violence, then you need to hire an attorney immediately. Domestic violence charges make it difficult to find and establish jobs and even establish visitation rights with your children. With the help of a good attorney, they can use the evidence provided to prove your innocence.

Fight Aggressively

A good defense attorney knows and understands how to make the process even more challenging. They are fighting for your rights and your freedom. You need to come in the court room not just prepared, but strong and aggressively. Refuse to give up your rights.

Make David Hunter Your Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re looking for an attorney who refuses to give up on you, call David Hunter now at [phone] or schedule online for a free legal consultation. David Hunter understands the legal system. Since his time as a Texas judge to now, he knows what it takes to be a strong and successful criminal defense attorney. He uses his extensive education, skills, and knowledge to defend your rights and freedom. You need a lawyer who will not only win your case, but will also give you the best service possible in and out of the court room. Fight for your rights and freedom with David Hunter today.

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