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Having to face a trial is an unfortunate circumstance. You may have mixed emotions initially when you first go to see your attorney. While you narrate the sequence of events, there may be some parts that you inadvertently omit, or maybe there are other details you choose not to disclose.

But, even if you are guilty, it is in your best interest to admit all details to your lawyer. For, you must understand something: your criminal defense attorney is not here to not judge you. Instead, he is here to help you find the best defense possible.

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Be Honest with Your Sugar Land Defense Attorney

sugar land defense attorneyIn any trial, the main focus of the prosecutor is to prove that the person charged with a crime is guilty. On the other hand, your defense lawyer’s responsibility is to show that the evidence against you is not enough to convict you.

“If you have committed a crime, be up front with your attorney about it.”

As your defense attorney proceeds with the case he produces reasonable doubt in the minds of the judge and jury. To make a strong case, however, the attorney must have full knowledge of the circumstances of your arrest.

This can only happen if you discuss everything candidly with your lawyer. Therefore, being honest and describing all the details to your Sugar Land defense attorney, is the way to go.

Your Lawyer’s Responsibility

sugar land defense attorneyWhen you’re faced with serious charges, don’t hide any facts from your defense lawyer. You may think an acquittal may be denied or worry that the lawyer might not offer a proper representation in defending you, but remove these thoughts from your mind. Your  lawyer will still defend to the best of their ability no matter what.

“Raising a reasonable doubt might get you an acquittal or a reduced sentence.”

The main responsibility of a criminal defense attorney in Sugar Land is to make sure that you get a fair trial.

A defense lawyer’s duty is to:

  • Protect your constitutional rights
  • See that no innocent is convicted
  • Ensure the government honors your civil liberties

By divulging all details you’re making sure your defense lawyer can represent you with the best possible defense.

sugar land defense attorney

Your Lawyer Might Advise You to Go to Trial

sugar land defense attorneyIrrespective of your lawyer’s personal opinion, he cannot abandon you or sabotage the defense. At the same time, your defense lawyer might advise you to go to trial to prove the law enforcement made mistakes in the investigation. They will also look for holes or inaccuracies in the prosecution’s theory.

This way, your Sugar Land defense attorney can raise a reasonable doubt during your trial or lessen your sentence. For example:

  • You might be guilty of a lesser crime than the charges against you
  • Disclosing the facts might lead to the judge giving you a better sentence
  • The police might have violated your rights during the arrest
  • The prosecution might have refused to negotiate a reasonable deal

“Having all the facts will allow your lawyer to fight for the best possible outcome for you.”

Going to Trial After Admitting Guilt

sugar land defense attorneyThe American legal system is committed to the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Hence, during the trial, your criminal defense attorney tries to ethically raise reasonable doubt in your guilt. For this reason, even when you admit guilt to your lawyer, they will represent you the best way they can.

However, your defense attorney also has some ethical obligations. For instance, say you have been charged with possession of drugs at a public event. You have admitted to your lawyer that you were smoking marijuana then. During the trial, your lawyer cannot present false evidence. This means your lawyer cannot argue that you were not in possession of marijuana.

However, your attorney can focus on the lack of sufficient evidence in the prosecutor’s argument. They could argue that the police were in a hurry to shut down the event and hence, were making drug arrests. Or, they could argue that law enforcement officers were unable to correctly identify who was smoking marijuana.

Your attorney could even mention the fact that they were standing too far from the place of incident. All these situations will represent you in the best light.

Talk to Your Attorney to Get an Acquittal

One key point to remember is that your lawyer cannot eagerly represent you in the trial. In most legal situations, attorneys have to maintain lawyer-client confidentiality. Hence, your Sugar Land defense attorney cannot enter a guilty plea without you knowing.

If your criminal defense attorney wants you to discuss everything, it is only so that they can accurately evaluate the case. Therefore, admitting your guilt to your lawyer can help them form a compelling argument.

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