According to abc local news,  in March 2012, A Fort Bend County deputy was pulled over and arrested for Driving While Intoxicated(Drunk Driving) and for Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon.  The deputy, Cassius Lott, was driving her personal vehicle at approximately 1 in the morning on Plantation Drive at Harlem when a Department of Public Safety trooper saw Deputy Lott violating numerous traffic laws including going 40 mph in a residential area that had 30 mph speed limit, running a stop sign, and failing to signal a lane change.

The trooper requested Deputy Lott to take a sobriety test- including walking a line and touching his nose with his finger. Deputy Lott refused to comply with the trooper’s request. Instead, Deputy Lott began arguing with the trooper. The trooper noted in is arrest report that the deputy reeked of alcohol. Although Deputy Lott refused to take the sobriety test, he admitted to the trooper that he had consumed approximately 5 drinks at a party and was heading home for the night.

Deputy Lott told the trooper that he understood if he refused to take the sobriety tests that he would be taken to jail. As a result of Deputy Lott’s refusal, the trooper did in fact arrest him and took him to jail. The trooper caught the entire episode on his dashboard camera.

In addition to the Driving While Intoxicated charge, Deputy Lott was charged for carrying his weapon while drunk, but is still on active duty.

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