How to find the right Fort Bend County Expunction Attorney

You can’t contain your excitement. You might have a new job and just found the perfect apartment. Finally, after everything that’s happened in your life you can move on and start fresh. You go into the management office to fill out an application when you get an email on your phone.

You didn’t get the job. Your heart sinks. As you sit down to take it all in you think,
“Was it because of my Fort Bend criminal records? More importantly, how do I find the right Fort Bend County expunction attorney?” If your life is on hold because of your Fort Bend criminal record, an expunction attorney can help. Read on learn what you should look for in a Fort Bend County expunction attorney.

Are You Eligible For Expunction?

Websites can only hide online records-nothing else. 

Wfort bend county criminal recordshy Go With an Attorney?

If you’re considering expunction you might be wondering, “could I do this on my own? What about websites I find online? Could they do it cheaper?” While these are tempting thoughts, here are several reasons why a Fort Bend County Expunction attorney is best:

  • Attorneys Can Hide ALL of Your Record, Not Just Part of It: Most websites that claim they can hide your Fort Bend criminal records aren’t exactly being 100% honest. They usually can only hide records found online – nothing else. This means that the physical records are still available for potential employees, landlords, and universities to find.
  • It’s Faster: A Fort Bend expunction attorney will handle everything for you in a timely manner so you’re not stuck waiting.”
  • The Knowledge and Experience You Need to Succeed: Expunction attorneys like David Hunter are highly trained in law and extremely knowledgeable. They’ll know what you’ll need to do and how long it will take to do it. They’ve spent several years (and several thousand dollars) going to school to learn how to do exactly this task. Who knows what a what training a website has.
  • No Hidden Fees: An expunction attorney will be up-front with their dues and fees – there are no hidden costs. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you have so you’ll leave their office confident that your records will be erased.

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Verify all information that you find on your prospective Fort Bend County expunction attorney.

What to Look For in a Fort Bend County Expunction Attorneyfort bend criminal records

Now that you know why it’s best to get your records expunged through an attorney, here is what you should do to find the best one for you.

  • Check reviews of attorneys on Avvo. You’ll get to see what others in your situation thought of a particular lawyer.
  • Ask to speak with your prospective attorney personally. It’s the only way to know you’re getting the right answers you need.
  • Ask for their state bar number and be sure it matches the information found on the state’s bar website. This goes for any other information you find. Verify everything.
  • Ask how many expunction cases they’ve handled and how successful they were. You need a Fort Bend County expunction attorney with experience who can positively say they can help.
  • Ask for a price quote. If your prospective Fort Bend County expunction attorney has done this before they should be able to give you a decent estimate of the cost so there are no surprise fees.
  • Ask how many cases they are handling currently. They could have all the experience you need, but if they’re loaded down with cases they can’t give you the time your expunction case needs.

    Do You Want to Erase Your Fort Bend Criminal Records?

Why You Should Hire David Hunter

If your life has been paused because of your past, hire David Hunter today. David’s extensive experience as a trial lawyer and Texas Judge have given him a unique perspective on the Texas criminal justice system that allows him to provide a top-notch defense to each and every client. He handles expunction cases regularly and knows exactly what to do to erase your Fort Bend Criminal Records for good.

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