There are a ton of reasons why you might want an Expunction Attorney.

Moving to a New Home

Rory cheerfully walked into the apartment management office with the manager in tow.

“Wow, those apartments looked so awesome! I can’t wait to move in!” she said with a smile.

“And we can’t wait to have you!” the manager beamed back. “Just take a moment to fill out the application and we’ll get the process started.”

Rory sat at a round marble table and excitedly looked over the forms. She tapped her foot happily as she filled out every line and checked all the right boxes.

And then came the dreaded question she never expect to see:

“Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

Rory’s foot stopped tapping.

With one single question, her chances of renting dropped to zero.

A year ago, Rory’s friend stole from a department store. Rory was in the same store with her friend at the time and was completely unaware of what happened – until store security pulled the pair aside. She was convicted at trial. Thankfully, Rory’s attorney appealed the conviction and won.

However, as Rory soon found out, the incident was not entirely behind her. Rory’s criminal arrest record was still viewable by the public.

This meant that she’d have a hard time getting:

  • Approved for an apartment lease
  • Accepted to colleges/universities
  • Hired for employment

Rory is not the only one facing this situation. Click the button below to find out if YOU need an expunction attorney.

Do You Need an Expunction Attorney?

expunction attorneyApplying to College

Dillon, a 17-year-old senior with stellar grades, excitedly walked to the mailbox. He had applied to his first choice and backup schools months ago and could hear back any day. Trying to breathe, he opened the mailbox and found three small envelopes. He didn’t have to open them to know they were rejections. Could it have been that arrest for public drunkenness, he thought?

He had been studying one Saturday decided to sneak a few beers in the park with his friends. Everything was fine until the cops came. At trial he was sentenced to community service.  Like many, Dillon assumed his community service completion was the end of it. Those three college rejections taught Dillon that without the help of an Expunction Attorney, his arrest could seriously impact his higher education and future.

 In the eyes of the law, it would be like the arrest never happened.

expunction attorney

How an Expunction Attorney Can Help.

Criminal record expunction – also known as “expungement” – is the legal process of removing a criminal arrest record from public records. (Technically speaking, the record is “expunged.”) In the eyes of the law it would be like the arrest never happened.

The process of getting records expunged is a lengthy and time-consuming process that should only be done with an experienced Expunction Attorney. It is your right to have a clean criminal record legal expunction.

“With the help of an Expunction Attorney you can reclaim your life and get a fresh start.”

Are You Eligible for Expunction?

Rory can have her records expunged because her conviction was overturned in appeals. Dillon can do the same because he was a minor at the time of arrest.

With the help an Expunction Attorney, you can reclaim your life and get a fresh start.

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