Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney

Chances are you’re searching for a Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney because:

  1. You were previously placed under arrest in Fort Bend County, TX.
  2. You want to clean your criminal record.

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney, David Hunter, breaks it down for you.

Criminal Record Expunction

What Is Expunction?

Criminal record expunction (also known as ‘expungement’) is the legal process of removing a criminal arrest record from public records. (Technically speaking, the record is ‘expunged’.)

Why Seek Expunction?

Having your criminal record expunged, or cleaned, is important for many reasons. First of all, it is your legal right. (See ‘Am I Eligible for Criminal Record Expunction’ below.) Second, criminal arrests appear on your criminal background check. And, as many of us know, passing a criminal background checks with a clean record is a common condition of approval set by landlords, employers, financial institutions, colleges, universities, and many other organizations. Even if you were never charged, the arrest is most likely attached to your public record. Getting it removed can open up many doors and opportunities to you.

Am I Eligible for Criminal Record Expunction?

As covered in the State Bar Association of Texas, you MAY* have a legal right to expunction for:

  1. An arrest for a crime that was never charged;
  2. A criminal charge that was ultimately dismissed;
  3. Certain qualifying misdemeanor juvenile offenses;
  4. Conviction of a minor for certain alcohol offenses;
  5. Conviction for Failure to Attend School;
  6. Arrest, charge or conviction on a person’s record due to identity theft by another individual that was actually arrested, charged or convicted of the crime;
  7. Conviction for a crime that was later acquitted by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals;
  8. Conviction for a crime that was later pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the US President.

*Of course, there are many specific provisions, exceptions, and other reasons why you may or may not be eligible for criminal record expunction. Each case is unique and professional legal consultation is strongly recommended. Most lawyers will offer a free consultation to determine the legitimacy of your case, and whether they are eligible to represent you.

What an Expunction Attorney Can Do For You

A Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney can help clear your record quickly and correctly. From assessing your eligibility to filing your petition, your expunction attorney is your ticket to a quick and effective expungement. They have experience navigating the expunction system and know who to talk if the legal process breaks down. Best of all, their proven ability to fight for your case takes away much of the stress and anxiety from what can be a very emotional process.

Contact Expunction Attorney David Hunter

David Hunter has a proven track record as an Expunction Attorney in Fort Bend County. His current and previous work as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Fort Bend Judge, and County Prosecutor, give him total insight into the judicial system. You can trust him to fight for your clean record in a quick and thorough manner. Contact us online or call [phone] for a free consultation on your criminal record expunction.

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