Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to criminal defense attorneys in Fort Bend County, TX, it’s important to find an experienced, well-qualified criminal defense lawyer. Plus, if you’re facing criminal offense charges, you need to find one fast.

Your criminal defense lawyer will be your personal legal expert. It is his or her job to help you avoid sentencing, or at least lessen the punishment. For example, your defense lawyer may be able to convince the court to charge you with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Furthermore, skilled criminal defense attorneys may be able to prevent you from going to prison or obtaining a criminal record that would severely limit future employment opportunities.

When choosing the right legal representation for your case, we recommend evaluating the 3 R’s:

References, reviews, and records.


If you know people who have faced criminal charges in the past, consider asking them to recommend someone. They can also tell you about criminal defense attorneys you should avoid. It’s understandable, however, that you might not want to discuss your criminal charges with friends, co-workers or relatives. An alternative is to request references from attorneys and contact these individuals for information about their experiences. If possible, speak to people who have been charged with similar crimes.

You can also look for online recommendations and read testimonials on attorneys’ websites. See if the testimonials refer to abilities or knowledge that might prove useful in your situation. Many lawyers have profiles on This website can tell you about criminal defense attorneys, and whether they have the appropriate state licenses. It also indicates whether or not the bar association has disciplined the lawyer in question.


Online business reviews offer valuable information that can help you select the right law firm. Most review websites have numeric ratings on a scale of one to five or 10. These numbers are useful, but you shouldn’t only look at them. Take the time to carefully read reviews as well. A criminal defense lawyer’s performance may have improved or worsened in recent years, so the latest reviews hold greater importance.

You can find attorney reviews at Avvo, Yelp, Facebook and Google Plus. Avvo is particularly useful because it specializes in providing information on law firms. In addition to the client ratings, be sure to have a look at the endorsement section. Facebook can tell you how many “likes” a lawyer has collected, but detailed reviews are much more reliable. Pay extra attention to comments from clients who faced the same charge as you.


Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer, learn about his or her history. The “Practice Areas” and “Resume” sections on Avvo can help you. Discover what other jobs the person has held. This will give you a better idea of a lawyer’s skills and expertise. Try to locate someone who is uniquely qualified to handle your case. For example, you might find an attorney who taught a class on DWI or wrote a book about crime witnesses.

A lawyer with long-term experience in local courts will often defend you more successfully. Legal professionals need to understand county-specific rules and know what to expect from various local officials. Feel free to ask attorneys for detailed information about relevant experience. A seasoned lawyer who specializes in certain areas of criminal defense will know more intricacies of the relevant laws. For instance, he or she might be able to quickly recognize errors committed by the police.

Request a Legal Consultation

Finally, remember to have an in-depth conversation with a lawyer before making a decision. The three R’s hold great importance, but it’s also crucial to choose someone who listens well and knows how to explain complex legal situations without confusing you. Most criminal defense attorneys will offer you a free consultation prior to hiring them. This ensures a good fit for both you and them.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Bend County, TX

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