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Possession of Marijuana (POM) Lawyer in Sugarland, TX

David Hunter is an experienced POM lawyer in Sugarland, TX. POM stands for possession of marijuana. POM charges usually happen during traffic stops or domestic violence calls. However, they can happen at other times. You should hire a POM lawyer like David Hunter immediately. Your first line of defense is probable cause. Your POM lawyer will ask you if the officers had probable cause. Maybe the search was not lawful. Your defense lawyer will also ask if the evidence was handled properly and will critically review any statements, videos, tapes, and other evidence. A good POM lawyer will work hard to expose mistakes and questionable tactics employed by police offers and prosecutors.

What a POM Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

Do you know what to do when caught with marijuana? David Hunter can help you. Make the right choice – call David Hunter for your POM defense.

A good POM defense attorney like David Hunter can reduce your charges or eliminate them completely. While other states have actually legalized marijuana, Texas has not. Claiming you did not know is not a proper defense! Texas is particularly tough on defendants charged with POM, so it’s important to have a tough lawyer by your side. David Hunter knows the legal system and fights for you! As a former judge, David Hunter knows exactly what paths to take to get you the best outcome possible.

The consequences for marijuana possession in Texas range from large fines to prison time. Your consequences will depend on the amount of marijuana and the intent. If caught with over 4 ounces of marijuana in Texas, it is a felony. Don’t panic – David Hunter knows how to protect you and your future. His experience and expertise are unmatched.

Protect Your Future

Having drug charges on your record is a big deal. It changes your life in a negative way. Applying for jobs, getting into schools, and even getting a home or apartment suddenly become hard. Drug charges can ruin your future. David Hunter can help you get an expunction so you can start fresh. Get that drug charge off your record and move on with your life!

You are not alone in this. Many people have been charged with POM in Texas. According to the ACLU, “just under half of the million and a half annual arrests for non-violent drug violations are for marijuana.” In other words, POM charges make up half of the drug arrests made in the US. You are not alone! David Hunter is very experienced in POM defense and will fight for you.

Choose POM Lawyer David Hunter for Your Defense

If you’ve been charged with marijuana possession in Fort Bend County, there’s no time to lose. You need a defense lawyer who is dedicated and knowledgeable. Call David Hunter at 281-265-1515 or contact him online to start building your defense today!

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