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Best Sugarland Domestic Violence lawyer in Fort Bend County. Attorney David Hunter can effectively defend you.

As a former Texas judge, I have witnessed many strong criminal defenses and seen how clever and knowledgeable attorneys can compromise the prosecution’s assertions. With my extensive education, experience, and skills, I will build a strong, aggressive, and effective defense for you.

My law firm is committed to helping you fight your Domestic Violence charges. Throughout the whole legal process, you will be working directly with me, and not with a legal assistant or junior lawyer.

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Customers Reviews

Amazing lawyer that actually cares about your case and will try to get you the ABSOLUTE best outcome! He knows his stuff, and is passionate about his work!
andrea_lisa_barfield_domestic violence lawyer
Adrienne Dover
Houston, Tx
Wesley Ballard Wesley Ballard Awsome lawyer he will definitely handle your case no matter what it is. Definitely glad he was on my side
Wesley Ballard - domestic violence lawyer
Wesley Ballard
Spring, Tx
David Hunter has all the qualities that make a great defense lawyer / he is a fighter, which is not something that is taught..
DUI Customer
Mike Stuart
Conroe, Tx
David is a rock star when it comes to attorneys. He was easy to work with and executed my case perfectly. Highly recommend!
Jeremy Freeman
Houston, Tx

What To Do After Getting Charged?

At The David Hunter Law Firm, I work hard as a lawyer for domestic violence to create an effective defense for your assault charges.

If you are located in Fort Bend County or Sugarland, TX, it is important to hire a local domestic violence lawyer immediately after getting charged. Domestic violence charges are a serious matter, and a conviction will likely remain on your criminal record. Those charges can make it difficult to find a job and establish visitation rights with your children if you are divorced.

Fight For Your Rights

In order to get the story straight, I consult investigators to interview neighbors or witnesses, collect medical information, and determine the background of the alleged victim. Depending on your specific case, gathering these kinds of details may be important if you acted in self-defense or were assaulted in the past.

Too often, police arrive and arrest the boyfriend, husband or ex-spouse under the assumption it was the male who was responsible for causing the disturbance. It is my job as an attorney to ensure your side of the story is presented, and the facts supporting your defense for assault are made known to the judge.

Contact Domestic Violence Lawyer David Hunter

Don’t let a charge of domestic assault lead to additional legal and personal complications. To discuss your options, call (281) 265-1515 or contact experienced domestic violence lawyer David Hunter by filling out our form for a free, confidential consultation.

Domestic Violence Arrest

Why You Should Have an Attorney Fight For Your Rights

It’s important to hire a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been arrested. If found guilty, you could receive jail time and end up with a permanent criminal record. As a local attorney, I can provide help in Fort Bend County & Sugarland.

Domestic Violence, Physically abusive father

Get Ahead Before You Get Started

The best way to get started in your case is to get informed. Don’t enter a courtroom blind. Find useful information in our blogs and learn about what my law firm and I can do for you and your domestic violence case, and most importantly, learn about you can do for yourself before entering court.

Domestic Violence Courtroom

Here's What David Hunter Law Firm Can Do For You

As one of the best domestic violence lawyers in Fort Bend and Sugarland, let me help you with your case and charges before you step into court. We can come up with a plan together and find the best way to handle your case.

Need to Know More on Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is not always related to spousal abuse, although it makes up most of the charges. It includes violence against close individuals such as ex-spouse, roommate, relative, child, family, or anyone connected by an intimate relationship. It can result in charges in criminal courts, civil courts, or both. Domestic Violence charge can come from a great range of abuses, from physical to emotional and even economic abuse. These criminal domestic violence charges can include:

  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Child endangerment or abuse
  • Aggressive behavior such as threatening to cause bodily harm
  • Withholding access to medication or any important health resources

Facing Domestic Violence charges can be an overwhelming matter, and attorney David Hunter is committed to providing the best legal representation in Fort Bend County and Sugarland. Read some of our most frequently asked questions on Domestic Violence or give our number a call (281) 265-1515 for a free consultation.

Domestic violence is defined as violence or any other abuse while in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It can affect children, parents, elderly, spouses or partners, and it can take a number of forms which range from physical abuse, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse. If you are facing Domestic Violence assault charges, we strongly recommend you get in touch with a Criminal Defense Attorney like David Hunter.

Depending on your case, you could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges for Domestic Violence. The difference is the severity of the criminal charges against you. It is considered a felony if:

  • There is a serious reason to believe that you intended to cause harm
  • A weapon was used during the incident
  • If you are a repeating domestic violence offender


A felony charge could gravely affect your ability to work and vote, and can carry longer jail sentences and more severe punishments. Your best bet is to be armed with the best criminal defense in Fort Bend County. David Hunter is the lawyer you need to dismiss or withstand a domestic violence accusation.

You should always consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before you decide to plead guilty. A criminal defense attorney can assist you in many ways. We can explain to you what the state is offering and negotiate with them on your behalf to try to get an even less severe punishment. We can also analyze your case to find any law enforcement errors, or any rights of yours that may have been violated, either of which could result in the dismissal of your case. Also, pleading guilty may have consequences to your ability to obtain a job or continue working in certain occupations. It might also affect your immigration status if you are not a U.S. citizen.

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If you ever find yourself in a position where you need a criminal defense attorney, contact David Hunter to get the best legal representation in Sugar Land, Texas. Handling every case with respect and understanding, he specializes in DWI/DUI, drug possession charges, domestic violence and juvenile charges. Fill out our Contact Form to get in touch with David Hunter today!

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