Why are Fort Bend DWI Cases Dismissed?

Fort Bend DWI lawyers like David Hunter work hard to get you the best outcome possible, whatever your DWI case details. It’s important to note that the best outcome possible depends on each specific case. While it may be possible for one person to achieve complete dismissal, the best possible outcome for another person may be probation or some sort of plea deal.

What is Dismissal?

  • No conviction or acquittal

In Texas, a dismissal means that a conviction was not achieved. The court then withdraws or dismisses any charges against the defendant. This is a great outcome, because it means the defendant doesn’t have to serve jail time, go on probation, or deal with other negative consequences.

Dismissal is always the first goal as we start looking at the details of your case.

What to Do When Pulled Over for DWI

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So why does DWI dismissal happen? For many reasons:

  • Not enough evidence to convict
  • Defendant was arrested illegally
  • Evidence was tampered with, lost, or destroyed
  • Legal documents were lost, incomplete, or filled out incorrectly

If the judge decides any of the above and dismisses the charges, the defendant is then free to go.


Dismissal After Conviction – There May Be Hope!

While Fort Bend DWI lawyers usually get dismissals before trial, this is not always the case. Even if you have lost your case, you can still fight for dismissal. Dismissal after conviction can occur when the court decides that:

  • A conviction was not reached properly
  • The law was violated in order to convict

Building an Effective DWI Defense

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How do you get a dismissal with your Fort Bend DWI lawyer?

Your Fort Bend DWI lawyer can sit down with you and discuss all your options for your case. Make sure to talk to them about your desired outcome and any concerns you may have.

The process starts with submitting an appeal. Your Fort Bend DWI lawyer will take care of the rest. Just know that this type of appeal can be tough on your own. Hiring the right Fort Bend DWI lawyer will give you an edge if you need to appeal.

The court should come back to you with a decision on your appeal. You have a much greater chance of winning dismissal if:

  • Your arrest was unlawful
  • You were searched illegally
  • The officers involved broke the law in order to gain evidence
  • Insufficient evidence from the jury (yes, some convictions are reversed)
  • No jurisdiction

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