Many women and men have a misunderstanding of the words “Domestic Violence.” A domestic violence lawyer can help you understand what this term really means.  To some, this is when you have been suffering from your spouse/partner physically hitting you. To others, this is when they do a small push to the side, in an aggressive manner. To other people. domestic violence is when you are screamed at from morning to night by a person in your home and simply does not stop. But what is the true definition of “domestic violence?” How can your domestic violence lawyer help? Read on to find out what the true definition and examples of domestic violence.button contact a lawyer today

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any harm or control over a spouse/partner and is demonstrated by a pattern of aggressive behavior. This is something that can happen to people that are married, living together, and dating. In addition, domestic violence is all about power and control. One person forces/demands for things to be done a certain way is one example. Or maybe one is scared of how the other person is going to react and does not do it; stopping them from enjoying any “free time” they desire.


Physical Abuse

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Your domestic violence lawyer can help you in any domestic violence case that comes his way. One of the many abuse under this umbrella can be physical abuse. Physical Abuse is considered when you are involved with physical altercations with your spouse. He/she might slap, punch, pinch, kick, choke and push you.

Any from of aggression that ties to this also counts. It’s also when you are not allowed to do certain daily tasks like eat, sleep, go shopping, go outside; normal every day things.

Aggressive-like behavior increases when alcohol and drugs come in play, too. Especially when the person has been under substance abuse for some time.

You must understand that under no circumstance, must you allow this type of behavior. No one should be living with controlled actions on a daily basis.

shame 799094 1280 1 1Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is identified when there are acts of jealousy, possessiveness, isolation, and monitoring your every step. This kind of abuse may seem very subtle as we are not always realistic and see what our emotions really are. Sometimes you might feel that you are nothing, have no support, are alone, and that your spouse is demanding.

Name calling, bullying, cheating, threatening you with your kids, are all examples of emotional abuse. This is basically anything makes you feel that you are worthless.

This cycle can be very hard to break through. Because it may happen so frequently and on a daily basis, you might have adapted to this sort of environment. Break the cycle! Do not let someone control you. Seek help and find resources to guide your way out of emotional abuse.