What is Considered Domestic Violence?

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Many people have a misunderstanding of the words “Domestic Violence.” A domestic violence lawyer can help you in the circumstance that you are being charged with any form of abuse with a partner. The key is to understand what domestic violence means.  To some, this is when you have been suffering from your spouse/partner physically hitting you.

Others may think it’s when one might push you or touch you aggressively. To other people, domestic violence will be when you are screamed at from morning to night by a person in your home. But what is the true definition of “domestic violence?”

And how can your domestic violence lawyer help? Read on to find out the true definition and examples of domestic violence.domestic violence lawyer

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any harm or control over a spouse/partner and is demonstrated by a pattern of aggressive behavior. This is something that can happen to people who are married, living together, or just dating. In addition, domestic violence is all about power and control.

An example would be a partner who constantly makes unreasonable demands. The other partner, due to ongoing abuse, may be afraid to say no for fear of their partner’s reaction.

A domestic violence lawyer can further help you determine if your case fits the definition of domestic violence. He can also help you fight the charges and prove your innocence.

“Domestic violence is any harm or control over a spouse/partner and is demonstrated by a pattern of aggressive behavior.”

Physical Abuse

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What is physical abuse? The Texas Family Code defines Family Violence as an act by a member of a family or household against another member that is intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or a threat. That is to say, these actions place the member in fear of imminent physical harm.

The law excludes the reasonable discipline of a child and defines abuse as physical injury that results in substantial harm or genuine threat to the victim. For instance; sexual contact, intercourse, or conduct; or compelling or encouraging the child to engage in sexual conduct are all considered abuse or family violence.

Your domestic violence lawyer can help you in any domestic violence case that comes your way.

One of the many forms of abuse under the domestic violence umbrella is physical abuse. Physical abuse is considered when you are involved in physical altercations with your spouse. For instance, they will slap, punch, pinch, kick, choke and push you.

However, any from of aggression that ties to this also counts. Some examples might be when you are controlled, held captive in your own home, and are not permitted to do certain daily tasks like eat, sleep, go shopping, go outside. These are everyday things that shouldn’t be controlled.

Aggressive behavior increases when alcohol and drugs come in play, too. This can become even more difficult when the person has had issues with substance abuse.

You must understand that under no circumstance must you allow this type of behavior. This is not a proper way to live. You should never be controlled, forced, or denied actions that are part of your everyday life. You are not owned and you do not belong to anyone.

In addition, if you are being charged with any physical abuse, contact your domestic violence lawyer immediately, as these accusations are never taken lightly.

“No” means “No.”

domestic violence lawyerEmotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is identified when there are acts of jealousy, possessiveness, isolation, and monitoring your every step. When emotional abuse becomes a pattern, it may be easy for you to treat it as a “normal” environment.

If you go through this, it may be hard for you to notice it right away. Sometimes you might feel that you are nothing, have no support, are alone, and that your spouse is demanding.

Name calling, bullying, cheating, and threatening you with your kids are all examples of emotional abuse. Most importantly, this is basically anything that makes you feel like you are worthless.

This cycle can be very hard to break through. If it happens frequently and on a daily basis, you might have adapted to this sort of environment. Break the cycle!

Do not let someone control you. Seek help and find resources to guide your way out of emotional abuse.

Tell your domestic violence lawyer anything that can be misinterpreted as emotional abuse!

“Seek help and find resources to guide your way out of emotional abuse.”

Sexual Abuse

If your spouse or partner is sexually abusing you, they are:

  • Calling you sexually inappropriate names
  • Rape
  • Injuring you during intercourse or sexual play
  • Ignoring the way you feel about sex

“No” means “No.” Period. Above all, if you are being forced to have sex with your partner and you do not agree to it, that is considered sexual abuse. Do not let a label scare you. Many people go through this in America.

For example, in the U.S. alone, more than half (51.1%) of female victims of rape reported being raped by an intimate partner such as their spouse and 40.8% by an acquaintance.

How Do I Get Help?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to contact your domestic violence lawyer to start a case against your partner. If you are being accused of something similar to the examples of domestic violence listed above, contact David Hunter today.

He is ready to protect you against any accusations being made to you. That is to say, if you have any outstanding charges that are being made against you, you need to make sure you have the correct and true story for your lawyer.

Your domestic violence lawyer will represent this case as best that he can. His job as a criminal defense attorney is to provide proof, evidence, and his best jurisdiction to protect you from all domestic violence charges against you. Be prepared with the necessary materials to be brought in the case.

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