Missouri City Drug Lawyer

If not handled correctly, just one drug possession charge can have effects that will ruin your entire life. If you are under 21, you risk losing your driver’s license, even if you aren’t charged with DWI. As an adult, you face jail time, loss of family and job. Years in the future, a prospective employer may see that charge and decide not to hire you because he is unsure if you are still on drugs. Unfortunately, it takes very little for the police to do a search of your car or home when they are called out for another charge, such as domestic violence or you are stopped for a traffic violation. All is not hopeless, however, with the correct representation.

First Steps

If you are charged with drug possession in the Missouri City area, you need a Missouri City drug lawyer, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer who specializes in such cases. The laws are constantly being updated, so the lawyer needs to be current on his knowledge. Once you contact a lawyer, you need to find one who will look at the entire set of circumstances. He needs to review the camera footage from the police car, take note of the entire procedure used in search and arrest and look at your circumstances as to how and why you had drugs in your possession. Police often make mistakes that can be seen during this process and the lawyer must be able to find these.

Next Steps

Once in front of a judge, you need a lawyer who is willing to stand up and point out whatever mistakes were made. That isn’t all, however. He needs to be able to show the court that you are someone who deserves a second chance rather than being sent to jail, or worse, prison. Whether it is working to see that you are given a sentence that is reduced to probation and drug rehab or seeing that the case against you is completely dismissed, you need to be able to count on a lawyer who believes in you. Often, even being found guilty is not permanent. A good lawyer can arrange it so that if you get through probation and any treatment without incident, your record will be completely expunged. What this means is that there is no longer any record of the incident to come back and create a problem later in life.

Why I Can Help

When it comes to hiring a Missouri City drug lawyer, you won’t be able to find one with a wider area of experience. I have served as a judge, a prosecutor and a District Attorney. I limit my private practice to criminal law, making it my  goal to stay completely up-to-date on legal changes as they occur. I believe that a person deserves the best representation possible whether they are guilty or not and will work diligently to make sure you get that representation.

At the David Hunter Law Firm, your first consultation is free. I won’t take on your case if I don’t believe I can do it justice. I have served this area for over 25 years and have the distinguished pleasure of being on the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers list. I can be contacted any time during the day or night to set up a time to talk with you about your charges. You have my guarantee that I will use every ounce of my experience to get an end result that will be as lenient as possible. Call me today at [phone] or fill out the short form.

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