You might think you don’t need a POM lawyer. But as the three examples below will show, a possession of marijuana lawyer could save you from a felony charge and up to 99 years in jail.

The Party Favor You Shouldn’t Take

You’re about to leave your friend’s dorm room after a late night of hanging out when he says, “Want some for later? You look like you could use it.” You take the bag of pot and leave. This is nothing new. You’ve smoked on campus before and you’ve taken a few “party favors” home so many times it doesn’t phase you. Until campus security stops you on the way to your car.

As you sit in their office, you learn that not only does your college report pot possession to the police, you could be facing time in jail for only 4 oz of marijuana.

Do You Need A POM Lawyer?

“Without a good POM Lawyer you could face felony charges, a minimum of 180 days in prison, and 10k fine.”

More Than Just a Plantpom lawyer

Your uncle is getting ready to leave after a long visit. He owns an exotic plant shop, so it doesn’t shock when you he says he’s planted something out back in the garden.

“Must be those orchids mom wants. Maybe I can get it blooming by her birthday,” you think. You follow your uncle’s careful directions when you quickly realize that’s no orchid blooming; that’s marijuana. And trouble.

Since you accidentally cultivated between 4 oz and 50 lbs of marijuana the police will assume you have an indent to distribute. Intent to Dispute charges carry heavy consequences.

If found guilty the penalties may be:

  • Felony
  • Incarcerated for a minimum of 180 days to a max of 10 years
  • Fines up to $10,000.

These potentialities worsen with the amount of marijuana grown.  These will not be the only challenges you face. Once you’ve paid your debt to society, many landlords, employers, and schools may reject you because of your past convictions. Without hiring a good POM Lawyer, your road to adulthood could be harder than it needs to be.


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The One Vape You Shouldn’t Try

You’re having a little breakfast with your friend who stayed over. They hear a knock on the door and you rush to answer it, finding the police. Before you can speak they’re in your house asking about the marijuana you left out.

“Left out?” you think, “I didn’t leave out-” and then it comes rushing back to you. You and your friend where watching some late night TV when you tried out their new marijuana vape called The Volcano. In your haze you left the cone-shaped vape on the porch, which puzzled some very concerned neighbors.

The heat builds around you as the police continue their questioning. Who brought the pot? How much did they bring? Is this your first time smoking?

“You should say absolutely nothing about your case and charges UNLESS you’re talking with your POM Lawyer.”

Tell Your POM Lawyer Everything

It’s normal to feel pressure from police questioning. Questioning is part of their job. But any good POM Lawyer will tell you to relax and stay silent. From the moment you’re arrested, you should say absolutely nothing about your case and charges UNLESS you’re talking with your POM Lawyer.

When you do speak with your POM Lawyer be sure to tell them everything. They can’t accurately represent your case without knowing all the details involved. Their ability to help you decreases greatly if you leave things out for others to find. Trust them. They are the only lifeline you can use.

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