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Cannabis is a common drug used in Texas. In fact, many believe its use acceptable. Seeing so many others smoke the drug gives it an air of legality to some.

Don’t be mistaken. Possession of marijuana (POM) remains a crime across the state. Those arrested know the serious nature of the charges. They may face jail time and a criminal record. Regardless of what society does about legalizing marijuana in the future, a conviction for drug possession today means the possibility of a permanent record that will require explaining to loved ones, employers and landlords.

To prevent as many problems as possible when facing this nonviolent criminal charge, contact a POM lawyer in Sugar Land, TX, for a consultation. Here are some of the things a good POM attorney in that area can do to help those in cannabis trouble.


The initial consultation is a chance for the client and attorney to get to know one another. It is likely that the accused is anxious about the situation. They know that their future hangs in the balance; if convicted, there is a lot to lose. A drug lawyer will explain the situation in detail, helping the client to understand the nature of marijuana charges in Texas.

It is also necessary for the accused to present the facts in the case. A good POM lawyer will then use this information to create a defense against the charges. For example, if the arresting officer did not have probable cause to initially detain the defendant, there could be a reduction or dismissal of the POM count.

Bail Hearing

If in jail on POM charges, it is always a wise move to attempt to make bail. Sitting in a jail cell does no good for most defendants awaiting trial. Actually, the noise and confusion of county facilities makes things worse for most people. In contrast, getting released on bail can mean being able to go home, relax a bit, and prepare to make a positive appearance in court.

For most nonviolent offenders, inexperienced with the judicial system in Sugar Land, a POM lawyer may need to lead them through the county bail routine. Furthermore, legal counsel is important in requesting that the judge set a fair amount for bail.

Post-Conviction Expungement

Those found guilty of possession of marijuana in Texas know well that there is a stigma attached. They probably have faced denial of employment for having a criminal record. Perhaps a landlord refused to rent them an apartment after finding out that they had been incarcerated for a period. Regardless of the reason why someone was in possession of an illegal substance, many in society can only think of those with a record as criminals.

Understanding this unfairness, the authorities allow relief to some who have completed their sentences. This expunging of the criminal record might mean either complete erasure or a sealed record. A POM lawyer in or near Sugar Land will have the current procedures for filing an expungement request. They will know how to avoid any errors that could delay or prevent the issuance of a needed expungement.

Contact a Lawyer with POM Experience When in Cannabis Trouble

There is no need to face marijuana charges alone. Instead, when in trouble over possession of drugs, it is best to consult with a Possession of Marijuana Lawyer in Fort Bend county that has dealt with POM charges, such as David Hunter. Doing so could be the difference between alleviating the situation and being smeared as a criminal in the Texas data books.

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