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If you’re charged with possession of marijuana, immediately hire a POM lawyer to represent you. Unlike some states in the U.S., marijuana is not legal in Texas. Not knowing that Texas is not a cannabis state doesn’t cover it. These charges can result to having a felony charge on your record! Take immediate actions before stepping into court.

So, what actions do you need to take after your charges?

  1. Contact a POM Lawyer

    The first thing you need to do is make contact with a criminal defense lawyer that specializes in possession of marijuana cases. Now, it’s important that you make bail. If you make bail, you’re able to get out quicker instead of waiting around in a cell or holding tank. Staying in jail can not only take forever to wait and get out, but can produce negative psychological consequences. Once you make bail, you can discuss the next steps with your drug charges attorney.

  2. Consultation

    As already mentioned, make sure you talk to your POM lawyer as soon as possible. As soon as you step out of jail, find a phone and call a lawyer for a consultation. This allows your to tell your lawyer what happened, since it is still fresh in your mind. the both of you can discuss which way to take your case, whether you’re guilty or not. You both can discuss what you need to do before stepping into court. This allows you to have a game plan while also helping you feel ready before your next court date.

  3. Reduce Charges

    If you’re guilty, don’t think that it’s the end and there is no hope. Ask your lawyer for advice in reducing your charges. Although drug charges are bad on any record, a misdemeanor is better than a felony. Similarly, reducing your charges can also reduce your punishment. That can leave you with less to possibly no jail time and probation hours. Remember, when you’re on trial, any reduction in sentence is better than the maximum.

  4. Expunction

    Expunction is a great option to clear your record if pardoned of the charges. As mentioned above, having drug charges on your record is a nightmare, even if it’s just marijuana. The great thing about expunging your record means you can start over with a fresh start. Drug charges are difficult to discuss when attempting to get a job or even applying for school. Not to mention the possible difficulties when trying to rent an apartment. It becomes a problem to try to move forward with your future. Expunging your record can allow you to start fresh.

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