How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Protects You

If you have found yourself in a domestic violence case, you might not know all the options available to you. Keep in mind, these cases are unique and involves abuse between you and an intimate partner or family member. This includes spouses that were former or current, dating partner, someone who is living with you, or a relative. Domestic violence cases should not be taken lightly.

Often, individuals believe the law is here to protect them. Although the state may provide you with a lawyer or give you the option to represent yourself, it is wiser to hire a trained and experienced domestic violence lawyer who can properly handle your case. Hiring a domestic violence attorney can influence an acquittal or conviction. You should always explore all options to avoid having domestic violence charges on your record. Having a conviction on your record will hurt your future. It is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly because it could hinder you from finding a decent job or prevent parents from being granted visitation to your children.

This is why I decided to open my own law firm, David Hunter Law Firm, so people have access to a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer to defend their rights. I was a former judge for Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney and have seen multiple people fail to protect their rights and freedom in court. The main reason why this would happen is because they did not hire a strong qualified lawyer to help them with their case. The legal system in Texas is very complex. Do not trust just anyone to handle your case, especially when it involves domestic violence. It is smart to hire a domestic violence lawyer or attorney who will do everything in their power to help you walk away a free person.

With my extensive education, knowledge, and skills, I want to give you all the information you need to know before hiring a domestic violence lawyer to protect you.

It is the experience and knowledge that makes them so valuable.

They have more experience and understanding on how the court system works. Lawyers can obtain evidence from the prosecution and fully examine it to make sure it is valid. They also know what rocks to look under and can gather important evidence that will help your case. Not only will they gather the evidence, they are experienced in putting it together and presenting it in a way that will hold up in court. Domestic violence attorneys will protect your legal regards for you and your children if they are involved.

When looking for a lawyer, make sure they are experienced in family law and are state-Bar certified.

Check if you qualify for free or low-cost legal assistance 

Depending on your average income, you may qualify for free or low-cost legal help from the government. You can check if there are any pro bono programs that you can qualify for. When you schedule a consultation with your lawyer, which some may offer a free one; you can ask them if you qualify for any programs. An honest lawyer will work with you and give you the best legal advice to fit your needs.

Contact a lawyer right away!

If you have been arrested, you must contact a lawyer immediately! By hiring a lawyer, they will guide you to do the right thing and begin doing all they can to keep you out of jail. If you are taken to court, they will use their understanding of the legal system to effectively defend you in court.

Put your trust in an experienced domestic violence lawyer. Trust me, David Hunter. I have helped a number of clients win their case and protect them from unfair charges. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options by calling 281-265-1515 or filling out the form.

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