drunk driving ramsellholidayduisWith the holiday season at hand, many of us will be visiting family and relatives, and a lot of us will be using a car to get to those relatives’ houses. Halloween and Thanksgiving are already behind us, and as one of our earlier posts informed you, Thanksgiving was very peaceful when it comes to drunk driving and car accidents.

Nevertheless, when you are visiting your family and loved ones, and having some wine or a beer during your visits, you should be careful not to hop behind the wheel when you are not fit to drive your car.

As a reminder of what might follow if your ‘holiday spirit’ takes over and you end up with a DWI charge, here is a link about Texas DWI convictions in the state of Texas. Texas currently has more DWI crashes and fatalities than any other state.

For those of us who have no prior DWI convictions, a conviction could mean, for example, a very slow year of no full driving privileges. Alternatively, you might be sitting in prison instead of your car for up to one year. And if luck is on your side and you avoid the previous two, you could still receive a fines.

If you do have a prior DWI conviction, the stakes will be significantly higher, with the lack of full driving privileges for five years, among other things.

Of course, people make mistakes and accidents happen. If you or a loved one are facing drunk driving charges, get help right away. Our knowledgeable drunk driving attorneys wrote the book on Texas DWI, so when you need help regarding Texas DWI charges, contact our offices as soon as possible.