Drug Charge Lawyer

It is wise to be prepared when it comes to the law. You should know your rights. It is crucial you understand the proper steps to take after you get in trouble with the law. Whether it was an accident or not, it is best to be prepared. Often what you do after an arrest can make or break your case. It could influence the amount of jail time or fines you have to pay and the impact it will have on your future.

At the David Hunter Law Firm, we take pride in having a fantastic drug charge lawyer. We are going to explain the crucial steps you must take after you get a drug charge. It doesn’t matter if the charges are felony or misdemeanor, the steps below in this article will help you.

Be Silent

Everyone has the right to remain silent. So be sure to use this right. Anything you say such as important information about your case or statements can be used against you. You should remain silent and calm until you have spoken to a drug charge lawyer. Having a lawyer present gives you protection. They can talk for you to defend your case and prevent you from saying the wrong things that could potentially hurt your case.

If you are booked in jail with other people, make sure you do not speak to anyone in the jail. Everyone is also given a phone call to contact loved ones or your lawyer. When you get a chance to call your family, do not say anything to them over the phone. Often these phone calls are monitored. Telling them information could involve them in the case. The moment you tell them something they are put in the dangerous position of having to tell the police what they learned.

Request an Attorney

This should be your first concern. You need to contact your lawyer to determine what to do next. They will give you legal advice and represent you. An attorney guides you on what to do to potentially alleviate the situation. If you are looking for a drug charge lawyer in Fort Bend county, you should contact David Hunter at the phone number given at the bottom of this article.

Be Completely Honest

When you speak to your lawyer, make sure you are completely honest. They cannot help you if they do not know all the facts. Refrain from lying because uncovered evidence that is discovered later can hurt your case. Also, when you go to jail, they may ask you personal questions such as your height, your health, and other things. It is okay to answer these questions and make sure you are honest about them when you answer. However, if they ask you questions about drug use, let them know you will only give a response once your lawyer is present.

In need of a drug charge lawyer? Then call David Hunter. He has years of experience, education, and skill in defending the rights of individuals who are accused of drunk driving, juvenile crimes, drug offenses, and other misdemeanors and felonies. He is committed to pursuing justice and puts special care and attention to each case he takes on. David will ensure that you understand everything about your charges and the consequences of them. For free Consultation call the David Hunter Law Firm at (281) 265-1515 or fill out our short contact form.