A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is something that hits the households of many people in the world. It includes a number of hurtful patterns and behaviors for which an offender can spend time in jail. The main element of domestic violence is control. One party tries to control the other party by exercising emotional, verbal or physical exertion against the other party. Sometimes a controlling party is the one who files a false domestic violence charge against another person. Domestic violence is no laughing matter. The penalties for such crimes can include jail time, fines, and injunctions. An accused party should contact a domestic violence lawyer or family violence attorney immediately if he or she receives a charge for any of the following crimes:


Battery is a domestic violence crime that includes physical contact. Battery can include punching, kicking, biting, slapping or grabbing someone’s wrists. Almost all cases of battery result in the issuance of a restraining order. Batterers who have children are usually denied access to such children. A judge may order a final restraining order to those who have children. Such batterers will need professional representation to try to keep the relationship with their children intact.


Harassment has a wide variety of descriptions. It can involve direct contact and indirect contact. It can involve touching someone inappropriately or telling that person a grotesque joke. Harassment could include using profanity or lodging a vandalism war on someone. Many times, harassment within a household involves lies and manipulation. The lies and manipulations cause some members to disassociate with other members. Some cases of harassment are very hard to prove, but a victim can still file a suit. An accused person would have to find representation in such a case.


Stalking is different from harassment in that it adds an element of emotional abuse to it. Stalkers follow people to different places. They observe what the victims do in their homes, at their jobs and wherever they go. Sometimes stalkers get bold and visit the victim’s home or job without an invitation. That is usually when a stalking charge comes into play. Cyber stalking sometimes occurs, as well. Cyber stalking is when a stalker gets hold of someone’s Internet information and checks up on them. Stalking can take a toll on a person because that person will not feel like he or she is at peace. The victim always feels as if someone is watching. Accused persons are not always guilty of stalking, however. Malicious persons sometimes throw the accusations around for various reasons.


Rape is when someone forces another person to have intercourse after that person has denied the actions. Rape is common with domestic partners because many of the abusers feel entitled to what they take. In fact, married people are quite often accused of rape in these situations. However, sometimes the person who is being accused of the crime is not guilty of committing a crime at all. A well skilled attorney can help a person who has been accused of raping someone.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

Anyone who receives a charge for domestic violence is looking at some very serious accusations. David Hunter is a domestic violence lawyer in Fort Bend county who is available at all times to assist people who have a current issue with a domestic violence matter. The firm assists people 24 hours a day and seven days a week. An accused person can schedule an appointment by calling [phone] or completing our short form.