Witness to Three-Car Crash Arrested for DWI

Man being arrested

In an unusual DWI arrest case reported by KHOU.com; a witness who stopped to help his girlfriend, who was involved in a three-car crash, was determined to be intoxicated by authorities and arrested for DWI. A woman was driving her sedan late at night when she failed to pay attention and hit the back of another vehicle. As a result of this collision, the second vehicle then rear-ended a third vehicle. The woman in the first vehicle was injured, and sent to the hospital, but no other injuries occurred as a result of the accident.

When Houston Police Department authorities arrived on the accident scene, located on Highway 290 at N. Gessner, they observed the injured woman’s boyfriend, who had been following the woman in a separate vehicle at the time of the crash. Officers suspected that the man was drunk, and arrested him on suspicion of DWI.

Many times, people are arrested on DWI charges because they are involved in an accident themselves. In this case, the person arrested was not directly involved in the accident at all. In fact, had the man not stopped to help his girlfriend, he might have escaped detection by the police altogether.

The prospective consequences of a DWI conviction in the state of Texas can be quite severe, including fines, loss of a driver’s license, and even jail time. Fortunately, this case raises some unique issues that could contribute to a strong defense to this man’s DWI charges. It is unclear from this account of the incident whether the police actually observed the man driving, or by what means the authorities used to determine that the man was drunk. These details will be essential in helping build a strong defense to these potentially severe charges. For help with a defense in a case such as this, you should immediately contact your Sugar Land, Texas DWI attorney today for an honest evaluation and advice about how best to handle your case.

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