Texas Motorcycle Accident Could Result in DWI Charges


A DWI conviction in Fort Bend County, Texas, can have numerous negative implications, among them significant fines, driver’s license suspension, higher car insurance rates, and a permanent criminal record. On top of these penalties, some Fort Bend DWI offenders must also live with the fact that they injured or killed another person due to their drinking and driving. Those who are responsible for a DWI accident that kills another person can be charged with intoxicated assault, and if convicted, they will almost-certainly face time behind bars.

Motorcycle crash

In the case of one recent East Texas motorcycle accident, the alleged drunk driver was the only one injured. According to police, the 30-year-old man was racing his motorcycle on northbound FM 3277 when he lost control, being ejected from his bike and landing on the road several feet away. The driver was not wearing a helmet and was transported to a Houston hospital with unknown injuries. Police believe that the motorcycle driver was intoxicated. Although no citations had been issued at the time of the KTRE abc9 article, the wreck is still under investigation and the motorcycle driver could be facing DWI charges for the incident.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for someone injured in an automobile wreck in Texas to also face DWI charges. Understandably, these people must focus on getting better, and may have little time to deal with fighting an unfounded DWI charge. A knowledgeable Fort  Bend County, Texas DWI defense lawyer can help. Contact a top Fort Bend DWI attorney if you’ve been charged with drunk driving in Texas.

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