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The David Hunter Law Firm is proud to provide outstanding representation for clients throughout Fort Bend defending criminal charges:

We possess the dedication and experience required to build strong criminal defenses backed by factual evidence, meticulous strategy, and skillful implementation. We provide outstanding client-focused service from our criminal and DWI law firm in Orchard.

Fort Bend County Criminal Attorney

Mr. Hunter commits to each of his clients. When you retain counsel from our criminal defense law firm in Sugar Land you retain the benefit of a hands-on attorney who takes an active role in your case.

David Hunter provides aggressive and effective representation. He understands the needs of people in the Fort Bend and operates his criminal and DWI law firms in Rosenberg and surrounds areas to meet those needs.

Mr. Hunter understands both sides of the law. As a former Fort Bend County judge, he brings unique insight into the local prosecution strategies and Sugar Land court procedures. He is a skilled litigator that anticipates the strategies the prosecution and police typically employ to win a case.

Mr. Hunter provides an effective counter-balance to police strategies. He is familiar with the common mistakes police officers make and understands how to argue these errors in court to have charges dismissed or reduced.

Spanish-Speaking Sugar Land DWI Law Firm

The David Hunter Law Firm is committed to zealously defending each client to the fullest extent possible. We have earned a reputation for aggressive and effective representation through our unique perspective on the Texas criminal justice system and our devotion to our clients’ cases.

Our Sugar Land DWI law firm convenient 24/7 phone answering services. If you have been arrested, contact us today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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David Hunter, Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you need a criminal defense lawyer that will fight for your rights and freedom, then David Hunter is the only attorney you need.

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