DWI Pullover Guide: What to Do if You’re Pulled Over for DWI


You’ve just left a friend’s party. You are super tired and can’t wait to get home to your soft bed. You were about to take the last turn on to your street when suddenly, a cop is telling you to pull over. As you prepare to turn off your car you think, “I should be fine, right? I don’t drink so maybe they’ll just let me drive home”. Only, instead of having a quick chat through your open window, you’re being asked to get out of your car and take a breath test.

As scary as this little scenario is, it can get a lot scarier. If you don’t do, or say, the right thing you could not only be charged with a DWI, but the cop who pulled you over could also construe your fatigue for drunkenness or more.

So if you want to avoid getting a DWI, read our guide to learn how to protect yourself and your rights when you’re pulled over.

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