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You didn’t plan on getting arrested. And I bet that you didn’t budget the thousands of dollars in DWI / DUI legal fees for having to hire a lawyer. At The David Hunter Law Firm, I understand the high price of DWI legal fees and offer several payment plans that will help you afford the experienced representation you need.

The legal fees for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) case in Texas can vary widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the attorney’s experience and reputation, and the region or city where the legal representation is sought. Generally, legal fees for a DWI case in Texas may fall within the following ranges:

  1. Simple DWI Case:
    • For a straightforward first-time DWI case with no complicating factors, legal fees might range from $1,500 to $3,500.
  2. Complex DWI Case:
    • Cases with complicating factors, such as accidents, injuries, or prior convictions, may incur higher legal fees. Complex cases could range from $3,500 to $7,500 or more.
  3. Felony DWI Case:
    • If the DWI offense is elevated to a felony, such as a third DWI offense, legal fees may increase significantly. Felony DWI cases could range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more.

It’s crucial to note that these are general estimates, and the actual legal fees can vary. Additionally, some attorneys may charge a flat fee for the entire case, while others may charge an hourly rate.

Factors influencing legal fees include:

  • Attorney’s Experience: Highly experienced and reputable attorneys may charge higher fees.
  • Geographic Location: Legal fees can vary based on the cost of living and demand for legal services in a particular region or city.
  • Complexity of the Case: Cases with complicating factors, such as accidents, injuries, or multiple offenses, may require more time and resources, impacting the fees.

When consulting with a DWI defense attorney, it’s essential to discuss their fee structure, what services are included in the fee, and any additional costs that may arise during the legal process. Some attorneys offer payment plans or flexible arrangements to help clients manage the financial aspects of their defense.

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If you do decide that you need an experienced DWI attorney to fight your DWI arrest, we’ll discuss my DUI legal fees and design a payment plan that works for you. For your convenience, I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Some people do try to defend themselves without a criminal defense lawyer. Others hire the cheapest lawyer they can find. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney like me is essential since the DWI legal fees, penalties, and consequences associated with your arrest can be severe.

The High Cost of DWI Legal Fees

Still not sure that you need to hire an experienced DWI lawyer? Or do you believe that pleading guilty and taking the State’s deal is going to save you from paying DWI legal fees? Think again!

You will find that the cost of pleading guilty to a DWI amounts to at least $5,000.00 in DWI legal fees, not including your attorney fees, or how much your car insurance rates are going to go up. And your insurance company could very well cancel your policy altogether, forcing you to get high-risk, very expensive insurance elsewhere.

On top of these expensive DWI legal fees, you could go to jail. For a first offense, you probably won’t get any jail time. But if you are ever convicted of a second DWI offense, you’re looking at mandatory jail time of three to 30 days.

And you will always have a criminal record. This alone could have a significant negative impact on your future.

On the other hand, if we are successful in keeping a DWI conviction off your record, you can avoid these expensive DUI / DWI legal fees, plus the inevitable increase in your insurance rates.

Can you afford not to fight?

Criminal Conviction/Record???
Loss of Driver License???
Driver License Reinstatement Fee$125.00
MADD Victim Impact Panel???
Court Costs$320.00
Monthly Probation Reporting???
Monthly Probation Fees (24 months)$960.00
Ignition Interlock Device$600.00
Being Arrested – Night in Jail???
Vehicle Towing and Impound$125.00
Loss of Self-Esteem???
Loss of Social Standing???
Alcohol Education Classes$70.00
Multiple Court Appearances???
Home Visits by Probation Officer???
Time Away From Work For Court???
Future/Current Employment Issues???
Increased Auto Insurance Rates???
Stress and Anxiety of Pending Case???
Attorney Fees???
DPS Minimum DWI Surcharge$3,000.00

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